NeutralStand as One

The Eroded Waystone
Start Anduin Wrynn [42.5, 42.2]
End Eroded Waystone [42.4, 42.2]
Level 50 (Requires 48)
Category Shadowlands Intro
Experience 10,250
Rewards  [Into the Maw]
70g 20s
Previous N [50] The Path to Salvation
Next N [50] Stranger in an Even Stranger Land (first), N [50-60] The Threads of Fate (alts)

Stand as One concludes the Maw portion of the Shadowlands intro experience. The Shadowlands campaign continues with N [50] Stranger in an Even Stranger Land in Oribos, although alts of players who have earned the achievement  [Choosing Your Purpose] will instead be offered N [50-60] The Threads of Fate.


Activate the Eroded Waystone in Cocyrus.


<Anduin examines the obelisk intently.>

I've never seen markings like these before. I've studied titan artifacts, but this appears to be made by a different hand.

Hmm. It doesn't respond to me. I think Jaina's right. The waystone is reacting to your presence.

Perhaps you'll have better luck activating it.

Stay on your guard. The Jailer's forces paid this no mind when it was dormant, but there's no telling what they'll do if that changes.


You will receive:


<The waystone appears to be fully charged.

You reach out and touch its surface...>


The Mawsworn army

The party overwhelmed

The Jailer and his forces

On accept:

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: When the Jailer realizes our plan, he'll send all his forces against us.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Our only chance is to keep them at bay long enough for the waystone to fully charge. Every second counts!

Interact with the Eroded Waystone, and a progress bar slowly fills (Waystone activating - The mysterious device is coming to life!). Dodge the Mawsworn Kyrian attacks and defeat the enemies!

Baine Bloodhoof says: I think the stone is gaining power!
The Jailer says: A relic of the First Ones... responding to a mortal?! Impossible!
The Jailer says: Mawsworn! Take them!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Hold the line! The waystone must finish charging!
The Jailer says: My forces are vast! Endless!
Thrall says: We have stopped endless armies before. We will never yield!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: It's nearly charged! Do not falter!
The Jailer says: Death comes for the soul of your world! All that you see--all that you know--will be undone!

At 80%:

Baine Bloodhoof says: Jaina, something's wrong. It seems the waystone has stopped charging!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: The stone responds to you, <name>! Try to activate it while we hold off the Jailer's army!

Don't run off:

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: We must stand together if we hope to survive. Hold your ground!

On complete, a cutscene plays:

The Jailer says: Nothing escapes the Maw.
The Jailer says: Yield to the inevitable!
Anduin Wrynn says: They've stopped their advance...
Anduin Wrynn says: The Light is with me... even here.
Anduin Wrynn says: Go, champion! Go!
The Jailer says: Interesting...
Anduin Wrynn says: You... have failed.
The Jailer says: No... I have precisely what I need.

On the other side, the player winds up in Oribos as N [50] Stranger in an Even Stranger Land automatically starts for first-time characters:

Attendant Protector says: An agent of the Maw is attacking Oribos! Defend the Arbiter!
Protector Captain says: Hold. The Maw's power does linger upon them, but I sense ... No, that cannot be possible!

Alts will instead have time frozen in place by Fatescribe Roh-Tahl as he offers N [50-60] The Threads of Fate instead.


  1. N [50] Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons
  2. N [50] Through the Shattered Sky
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [50] Fear to Tread
  5. N [50] On Blackened Wings
  6. N [50] A Flight from Darkness
  7. N [50] A Moment's Respite
  8. N [50] Field Seance
  9. N [50] Speaking to the Dead
  10. N [50] Soul in Hand
  11. N [50] The Lion's Cage
  12. N [50] The Afflictor's Key and N [50] An Undeserved Fate
  13. N [50] From the Mouths of Madness
  14. N [50] By and Down the River
  15. N [50] Wounds Beyond Flesh and N [50] A Good Axe
  16. N [50] Draw Out the Darkness
  17. N [50] The Path to Salvation
  18. N [50] Stand as One

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