Star Lake Amphitheater

Star Lake Amphitheater [41, 44] is where the Night Fae put on stage shows for other fae and the Winter Queen, who has a reserved seat.

Since the arrival of mortals, Dapperdew has been putting on plays featuring fights from the events of Legion and Battle for Azeroth, including:

Members of the Night Fae Covenant may use their Tier One Anima Conductor to channel anima to Dreamsong Fenn, which will activate Dapperdew. Night Fae players can then speak with him to summon one of the rares. Defeat all seven to earn the achievement  [Ardenweald's a Stage].

The world quest N [60WQ] Tough Crowd takes place here. On the quest, boggarts have snuck into the audience alongside other fae, and Lady Moonberry asks the Maw Walker to suss them out. Guess correctly eight times in a row to earn the achievement  [Something's Not Quite Right....].

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