Starlight Slasher

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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

The Starlight Slasher was the name given to the culprits responsible for the gruesome murders discovered in Gilneas. Their primary victims were "Greymane loyalists", leaving many to believe that these murders were done by remnants of the Northgate rebels. In truth, these murders were done by the Wolf Cult as an initiation right for Alpha Prime to turn them into worgen.[1]

The Duskwood branch of the Wolf Cult makes mention of a killing step in the cult's initiation, implying that the Starlight Slasher murders occurred in Duskwood as well.


  • The Starlight Slasher is mentioned in The Art of Cataclysm in a letter to Margaret by Lorna Crowley.
  • It is possible they were based off of the real life Jack the Ripper murders, which were extremely gruesome and bloody.