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Staves for Tian Monastery

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NeutralStaves for Tian Monastery
Start Inkmaster Wei
End Inkmaster Wei
Level 90 (Requires 85)
Type Weekly
Category Inscription
Experience 236,000 XP
Rewards 11g 40s (or 19g 84s 50c if completed at level 100)


Craft 3 Ghost Iron Staves and 2 Rain Poppy Staves. Bring them to Inkmaster Wei at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.


It seems like the Tian Monsatery[sic] is training a lot of monks this year. We've received a huge commission for staves. And by huge, I mean HUGE.

Could you take on part of the commission? I'd very much appreciate it. You will receive the rewards for your portion, of course.


You will receive:


So many staves! How many monks do they have?!


Fine craftsmanship. The monks will appreciate these.

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