NeutralSteamwheedle Preservation Society
Steamwheedle Preservation Society.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Gazmolf Futzwangler
Race(s) GoblinGoblin Goblin
Theater of operations Ruins of Na'gwa, Nagrand
Affiliation Steamwheedle Cartel
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Goblin Male.gifGazrix Gearlock (Stormshield)
IconSmall Goblin Female.gifMimi Wizzlebub (Warspear)

The Steamwheedle Preservation Society (the SPS)[1] is locked in a rivalry with Harrison Jones[citation needed]  and traditional archaeologists.

Faction description

The goblins of the Steamwheedle Preservation Society seek to liberate relics from the ogres of Nagrand with the noble intention of selling them to the highest bidder.


Reputation is gained from a few quests in Nagrand during leveling and the Garrison campaign quests at the Broken Precipice. The main way to gain rep is through RRQs that involve turning in ogre artifacts and rare elite items:

Item Source
 [Aogexon's Fang] Aogexon
 [Bergruu's Horn] Bergruu
 [Dekorhan's Tusk] Dekorhan
 [Direhoof's Hide] Direhoof
 [Gagrog's Skull] Gagrog the Brutal
 [Mu'gra's Head] Mu'gra
 [Thek'talon's Talon] Thek'talon
 [Xelganak's Stinger] Xelganak
 [Vileclaw's Claw] Vileclaw
 [Gorian Artifact Fragment] Mobs in western Nagrand, Highmaul Reliquary
 [Highmaul Relic] Mobs in western Nagrand, Highmaul Reliquary


Alliance Gazrix Gearlock / Neutral Kwilax Fuseshiv / Horde Mimi Wizzlebub
<Steamwheedle Quartermaster>
Reputation Item Cost Type Note
Friendly  [Steamwheedle Elixir] 5g 1 Apexis Crystal Consumable
Honored  [Portable Goon Squad] 500g Trinket
 [Goblin Hot Potato] 5g Consumable
Revered  [Captured Forest Sproutling] 1000g 2000 Apexis Crystal Companion
 [Indentured Albino River Calf] 1000g 2000 Apexis Crystal Companion
 [Contract: Professor Felblast] 5000g Consumable
Exalted  [Steamwheedle "Preservation" Society Tabard] 100g Tabard
 [Domesticated Razorback] 5000g 5000 Apexis Crystal Mount

Reaching Exalted also awards:  [Steamwheedle Preservation Society]

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Mimi Wizzlebub Quartermaster Alive Warspear, Ashran
Neutral  Ricky Bozwallop Alive Warspear, Ashran
Neutral  Bing Zapcrackle Alive Warspear, Ashran
Neutral  Gazrix Gearlock Quartermaster Alive Stormshield, Ashran
Neutral  Bruiser Wrenchvolt Alive Stormshield, Ashran
Neutral  Bruiser Toppleblade Alive Stormshield, Ashran
Neutral  Gazmolf Futzwangler Alive Ruins of Na'gwa, Nagrand
Neutral  Kwilax Fuseshiv Reputation Vendor Alive Ruins of Na'gwa, Nagrand
Neutral  Twixnee Boltgear Alive Ruins of Na'gwa, Nagrand
Neutral  Bozzil Boomcrank Alive Ruins of Na'gwa, Nagrand
Neutral  Dizzy Sparkshift Alive Broken Precipice, Nagrand
Neutral  Greblin Fastfizzle Alive Broken Precipice, Nagrand
Neutral  Explorer Lesko Alive Grommashar, Nagrand
Neutral  Explorer Dez Alive Nagrand
Neutral  Explorer Garix Alive Nagrand
Neutral  Explorer Bisbi Alive Nagrand
Neutral  Foreman Thazwix Alive Stonecrag Gorge, Nagrand
Neutral  Trixi Leroux Alive Stonecrag Gorge, Nagrand
Neutral  Professor Felblast Alive Frostwall; Lunarfall


  • During the early beta, Steamwheedle Draenor Expedition was the name of a goblin organization on Draenor. Quests in Nagrand for the Steamwheedle Preservation Society and several NPCs in Nagrand and the Spires of Arak are still internally categorized in the Draenor Expedition. Its description was: "Draenor is a long of infinite opportunity, and very little competition."

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