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This article is about the Bastion race. For the Nexus mob, see Steward (Nexus).
Faction/Affiliation Kyrian Covenant;[1] Forsworn
Racial leader(s) IconSmall Steward.gif Mikanikos
Area(s) Bastion, Shadowlands

Stewards are owl-like beings native to Bastion in the Shadowlands.[2] Born of the magic of Death, they serve as groundskeepers and artificers who keep Bastion pristine, assemble anima-fueled automatons known as Centurions, fix anything broken, and offer companionship and support to the kyrian.[1][3] Stewards exist solely to aid the kyrian, and they become rather depressed if they can't perform their duties.[4] Each steward dotes on a "Paragon" and keeps mementos of their achievements.[1] Mikanikos, the Forgelite Prime, is considered the smartest of all stewards.[5] They are skilled in forging, serving, combat, and otherwise.


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