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Stillpine Captive

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AllianceStillpine Captive
Image of Stillpine Captive
Race Furbolg (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stillpine tribe
Location Bristlelimb Village, Azuremyst Isle
Status Alive

Stillpine Captives are furbolgs located in Bristlelimb Village in Azuremyst Isle.

Objective of


  • Stillpine Captive growls at its captors.
  • Stillpine Captive gnaws at the bars of its cage.
  • Stillpine Captive gnaws rattles its cage.
  • Stillpine Captive calls for help.
  • Stillpine Captive whimpers.
  • Stillpine Captive says: [Furbolg] Thank you, <name>!
  • Stillpine Captive says: [Furbolg] The prophecy is true!
  • Stillpine Captive says: [Furbolg] The Stillpine furbolgs will not soon forget your bravery!
  • Stillpine Captive says: [Furbolg] Those remaining at Stillpine Hold will welcome you as a hero!

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