Stillpine Hold.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Furbolg.gif High Chief Stillpine
Secondary leaders IconSmall Furbolg.gif Stillpine the Younger
IconSmall Furbolg.gif Princess Stillpine
Race(s) Furbolg Furbolg
Character classes Shaman, Hunter
Base of operations Stillpine Hold
Theater of operations Azuremyst Isles
Language(s) Furbolg
Affiliation Independent (Alliance-allied)
Status Active

The Stillpine tribe is a tribe of furbolgs inhabiting the Azuremyst Isles.[1] They are led by High Chief Stillpine who can be found at Stillpine Hold. Since the arrival of the Draenei the Stillpine tribe have allied themselves with them and the Alliance.


For centuries they lived in relative peace with the creatures of Azuremyst, however the peace that they enjoyed would eventually be lost.[2] They are at war with the corrupted Bristlelimb furbolg tribe, who have taken members of the Stillpine captive. They also came under attack from the Ravager Specimens that arrived on the isles when the Exodar crashed.[3]

The Stillpine always had a tenuous relationship the Siltfin murlocs but they could have never imaged that the murlocs would have the gall to attack them and steal from their food stores.[4] The Stillpine were also attacked by wildkin, who were once their allies, under the command of Chieftain Oomooroo.[5]

Amidst the chaos, a prophecy has begun to unfold: A hero will rise - not of furbolg blood - and save the Stillpine tribe.[6] This hero of prophecy would turn out to be an Alliance adventurer who would aid the tribe against their various enemies, such as Chieftain Oomooroo.[7] The prophecy wold be fulfilled when the hero slayed The Kurken, a nian who laid waste waste to Stillpine Hold and slayed many of the Stillpine.[8]





  • All Stillpine members are tagged as Alliance and will cause Horde players to be flagged for PvP if attacked.
  • The existence of the Stillpines seems to contradict the point that the Timbermaw tribe was "the last uncorrupted furbolg tribe in the world". However, due to their semi-isolated location, it is possible that the Timbermaws simply were not aware of the Stillpines' existence, or at least not aware of their escape from corruption.


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