HordeStinky's Escape
Start "Stinky" Ignatz
End Mebok Mizzyrix
Level 15-30
Type Escort
Category Dustwallow Marsh
Experience 290-3700 XP (or a 22s 20c compensation at level 70)
Reputation Ratchet +250
Rewards  [Elixir of Fortitude]
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [15-30] Stinky's Escape.


Escort "Stinky" Ignatz, then speak with Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet.


Great, finally something that doesn't want to eat me!!

I need help handling the critters around here, and you fit the mold, <buddy/lady>.

A goblin from Ratchet named Mebok Mizzyrix needs some bogbean leaves for a potion, or something... I honestly don't care why—his money was good and I know this swamp, so here I am.

Too bad I got myself surrounded before I found the bogbean! Can you help me out of here, and watch my back as I look for Mebok's plant?


You will receive:

  • WoW Icon update.png+100 or Bc icon.gif+250 reputation with Ratchet


Stinky was here with the herbs I ask of him, and he told me you helped him out of a bind. Good work! A friend of Stinky's is a friend of mine!

He asked me to give you this if I ever saw you, right before he walked back south toward the marsh.


The quest involves escorting Stinky as he picks Bogbean Leaves, and then visiting Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet once he is finished.

You can find Stinky at [45, 17]. He wanders around the swamp a bit until he finds the Bogbean Leaves. There aren't any ambushes, but there will be some mobs in the area unless you've already killed them. He gets onto a road at [49, 25] and the quest is completed.

Then head over to Ratchet in Northern Barrens to turn-in.

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