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Stolen Silver (quest)

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Not to be confused with H [15] The Stolen Silver.
HordeStolen Silver
Start Gazrog
End Gazrog
Level 18 (Requires ?)
Category Barrens
Experience 140-1350
Rewards  [Rambling Boots] or  [Settler's Leggings]
Previous H [13] Raptor Thieves

General Information

Bring the Stolen Silver to Gazrog in the Crossroads.

You may have killed the raptors, but the silver they stole must be recovered! I have reports that the raptors have a large grouping of nests south of Ratchet, known as the Raptor Grounds. It is likely that they brought our stolen silver there.

Go to this raptor haven and search for the stolen silver. When you find it, return it to me.



Do you have the silver?


Aha! So the raptors did hide the silver at their lair. It's hard to believe these beasts would have the desire for silver. Perhaps the stories of their intelligence are not as far from the mark as I thought!

Thank you, <name>. Take this as a reward for your service to us, and know that the guards of the crossroads owe their next month's pay to you.

Quest Chain

  1. H [13] Raptor Thieves
  2. Stolen Silver


  • The Raptor Grounds can be found northwest of Northwatch Hold, between two mountains. If you have a coordinates add on, the coordinates of the entrance are 57,52.
  • The silver is located at the end of the Raptor Grounds inside of a chest. It will be guarded by 2-3 raptors. If you have a coordinates add on, the coordinates are 58,54.
  • The entrance to the Raptor Grounds can be found at [56.8, 51.4] (it may take a little time for the Barrens map to load into the tooltip).

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