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Stone Legion

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MobStone Legion
Main leader IconSmall Stoneborn Female.gif General Kaal
IconSmall Stoneborn Male.gif General Grashall
  Formerly IconSmall Stoneborn Male.gif General Draven
Race(s) IconSmall Stoneborn Male.gifIconSmall Stoneborn Female.gifIconSmall Stoneborn Large.gif Stoneborn
Base of operations Dominance Keep
Theater of operations Revendreth, Shadowlands
Affiliation Sire Denathrius
Status Active

The Stone Legion are a group of stoneborn who are loyal to Sire Denathrius.[1]

Their duties are to defend Revendreth, enforce order in each Ward,[1][2] and keep the devourers from coming out of the Endmire.[3]




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