BossStone Legion Generals
Image of Stone Legion Generals
Race Stoneborn (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Castle Nathria
Status Killable

The Stone Legion Generals are a boss located in Castle Nathria. They are General Kaal, who we previously encounter various times during the Revendreth storyline and  [Venthyr Campaign] as well as in the Sanguine Depths, and General Grashaal who we encounter first in N [58] The Master Awaits.

This is the penultimate encounter of the raid before the final battle with Sire Denathrius. It is a 3 phase fight with 2 transitions which harshly tests the raid's ability to position dangerous abilities properly, as well as managing the dangerous Bleed debuffs that Kaal can hit players with.

Adventure Guide

The ancient stoneborn generals, Kaal and Grashaal, have hounded the Prince Renathal's rebellion at every turn. Once they were General Draven's apprentice and mentor; now their strength, strategy, and soldiers have been unleashed against him and any who would defy the Sire's will.


This fight requires 2 tanks as each boss has a tank-swap mechanic. To start with, the raid should place raid markers on the left and right side of the arena: One to bring Kaal's Wicked Blades and one to bring Grashaal's Reverberating Eruptions. The melee/tanks should be in a group separate, but close to the range group, so that if a player from one group is targeted by Crystaline Burst, they can easily move to either group to soak bleed stacks. [Bloodlust] should be saved for the final phase when raid damage is at its highest.

Phase 1

The first phase consists of battling Kaal solo while Grashaal flies in the air and remains untargetable. Kaal will hit the tanks with Serrated Tear, giving them a stacking bleed debuff. Tanks want to swap after every cast to keep the damage low, as they will both be dropping their bleed stacks at the same time when Grashaal casts Crystaline Burst. He will mark one non-tank player with a radius. This player should move to the tanks, as well as anyone else who has a bleed stack from other abilities, and become petrified. This will stun the players for 1 second and remove all bleed stacks from everyone within. Afterward, people should stay with the originally targeted player as Grashaal will then launch a meteor at them that needs to be soaked to avoid lethal damage. Afterward, the raid can spread again.

General Kaal will also be throwing Wicked Blades at non-tank players. These boomerangs will hit the 2 targeted players, as well as anyone in the way, with another bleed debuff that needs to be removed via Crystaline Burst. While the damage is negligible on Normal, this ability becomes deadly on Heroic and requires quick reactivity from raid members to avoid multiple people being hit by the blades, which can quickly lead to a wipe. Melee should also be cautious and stay behind the boss relative to where she's throwing the boomerangs, as careless DPS or tanks can be clipped by the blades either when she throws it or when it is returning to her. Correct handling of this ability should only leave the 2 targeted people with bleed debuffs which can be safely removed.

Finally, Kaal applies Heart Rend to random players, a damaging debuff which needs to be dispelled. Once the debuff is gone, it will be replaced by Heart Hemmorage, forcing healers to spot-heal the affected person for a short period, which is preferable to the more long-lasting damage of Heart Rend. Keep everyone healthy and watch out for the bleed debuffs until Kaal reaches 50% health.


At half health, Kaal activates a shield which blocks 95% of damage to herself, making damaging her mostly pointless. At the same time, Grashaal's forces and General Draven will be fighting in the skies, while a Stone Legion Goliath attacks the raid. You will see a meter at the top of the screen which shows Prince Renathal's anima. The raid's goal in this phase is to take down the goliath and fill up Renathal's anima meter to 100% to transition to the next phase.

Kaal and Grashaal will continue casting their same abilities from Phase 1, but now the DPS should focusing on the goliath. This add is very dangerous due to the Ravenous Hunger stacks, which increase it's damage endlessly until it dies, so DPS may consider saving cooldowns for this add. It will also cast Ravenous Feast, which has the add pin a non-tank player to the ground and deal high damage over a few seconds. If the Ravenous Hunger stacks are too high, the feast can easily 1-shot players, meaning killing it as soon as possible is top priority. Once it reaches 30% health, the goliath will stop attacking and activate Soultaint Effigy, which gradually reduces the healing all players recieve. Letting this stack too high will inevitably lead to the tanks' deaths, so finish off the goliath quickly.

To end the phase, bring the anima orbs that appear around the arena to Renathal. General Draven will be killing adds in the air, causing them to drop down. These small orbs will restore 10% of Renathal's anima. Killing the Stone Legion Goliath will drop a huge orb that is worth 40%, meaning the raid should be looking to grab 6 small orbs and the goliath's orb to end the phase. Stay close to the inside of the arena, since the blast that Renathal uses to destroy Kaal's shield will knock players back, potentially over the the cliff if they are too far away.

Phase 2

As Kaal flies away, the raid will now be fighting General Grashaal directly. Kaal will be throwing her Wicked Blades from the air, while Grashaal casts Crystalize on the ground. Simply deal with these abilities as before.

Garshaal will now cast Stone First on the tanks, which leaves a debuff that increases the damage taken by Stone Fist. This is not a bleed attack and simply knocks the tank backwards. The tanks should taunt after every cast to keep the stack below one.

Next, he will cast Seismic Upheaval. This ability will cause swirls underneath each player's feet and erupt in a stone spike after 4 seconds. After the first spike, another will spawn, and one more after that before the ability ends, forcing the players to keep moving until 3 spikes appear. The raid should be spread out for this phase due to this ability, as clumping together will make it harder to avoid all the stone spikes.

Last for this phase is the Reverberating Eruptions. Grashaal will mark a player. After 5 seconds, he will leap into the air and crash down on the player's location, leaving an 8-yard area of Unstable Ground behind. Using the markers the raid set up previously, keep the areas of Unstable Ground near the back of the arena, but not too far away from the raid. Each time Grashaal casts Reverbrating Eruption, the previously created Unstable Grounds will begin to erupt. At the end of the cast, if no one is standing within an area of Unstable Ground, it will erupt and hit the raid with high damage. To counter this, keep the raid close to the areas to allow people to soak these eruptions. Only 1 person is required per area of Unstable Ground, but soaking will leave the soaking player with Reverberating Vulerability, meaning players cannot soak twice in a row without an immunity. This means that everyone in the raid must be ready to soak at a moment's notice if they do not have the vulnerability debuff.

After a second transition, whose mechanics are the same as the first, the final phase begins.

Phase 3

Finally, both Kaal and Grashaal will land and face the raid together. Both bosses need to die at the same time, because if one boss dies before the other, they will get a 200% damage buff which will quickly wipe the raid. The raid should have someone calling out which abilities are going out, since confusing which abilities are which can spell disaster. The most vital parts of this phase are:

  • Keeping the boomerangs far away from the raid and keeping them away from the tanks and melee dps.
  • Placing the Reverbarting Eruptions close enough to the raid to be quickly soaked by players who don't have the vulnerability debuff.
  • Being ready to cleanly move away from the Seismic Upheaval.
  • Keeping the raid healthy and dispelling the Heart Rend debuffs.
  • Understanding Grashaal's Crystaline Burst attack, using it to cleanly remove Kaal's bleeds, and as many people soaking the meteor as possible to keep raid damage to a minimum.

If all 5 of these mechanics are understood and followed through, the bosses should go down.


General Kaal yells: Your rebellion ends here!
General Grashaal yells: Traitors must die!
Wicked Blade
General Kaal yells: You cannot run!
General Kaal yells: No escape!
Serrated Swipe
General Kaal yells: Bleed!
General Kaal yells: Tear you asunder!
Transition 1
General Kaal yells: Skin to stone!
General Grashaal yells: General Kaal, get to cover! My soldiers will strike from the sky!
General Draven yells: Champions, I will clear the skies!
Prince Renathal yells: Bring me their anima, heroes!
Phase 2
Prince Renathal yells: Friends! Shield yourselves!
Prince Renathal yells: You cannot escape my wrath, Kaal!
General Grashaal yells: Die by my hand!
General Kaal yells: Tremble in my shadow!
General Grashaal yells: I will break you!
General Grashaal yells: I will drive you into the ground!
Transition 2
General Grashaal yells: Your blades will break across my skin!
General Draven yells: Champions, I will clear the skies!
Prince Renathal yells: I need more anima!
Phase 3
Prince Renathal yells: Friends! Shield yourselves!
Prince Renathal yells: There is no stone I cannot break, Grashaal!
General Kaal yells: Your rebellion is at an end!
General Grashaal yells: I tire of this!
Player killed
General Kaal yells: Treacherous whelp!
General Grashaal yells: Honorless scum!
General Grashaal yells: Know your place!
General Kaal yells: My blood... for the Master...

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