NeutralStonedark tribe
Stonedark totem.jpg
Main leader  Navarrogg
Race(s) IconSmall Drogbar.gif Drogbar
Character classes Geomancer
Capital Stonedark Grotto
Affiliation Highmountain Tribe
Status Active

The Stonedark tribe (or Stonedark clan)[1] is a relatively peaceful tribe of drogbar who live in the Stonedark Grotto in Highmountain, isolated from their more violent kin who live further south under the rule of Dargrul the Underking.[2] They are led by Navarrogg.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

After the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth] was stolen by Dargrul, the Bloodtotem tribe, the most aggressive and cruel of the Highmountain tauren, went on the offensive against the Stonedark, capturing several members of the tribe despite them not being affiliated with Dargrul.[3] Navarrogg himself was locked in a cage at Cliff's Edge, where he managed to warn the adventurer about something terrible the Bloodtotem were about to commit before vanishing.[4] When the adventurer saw Navarrogg again, he was being held in the Cave of the Blood Trial, where he aided the adventurer when the Bloodtotem revealed their alliance with the Burning Legion and transformed into corrupted Feltotem tauren. Together, Navarrogg and the adventurer fought off the Feltotem, fighting their way through Torok's Bluff and slaying the Bloodtotem chieftain, Torok, before returning to Stonedark Grotto.

In gratitude for being saved by the adventurer, Navarrogg then journeys to the Highmountain capital of Thunder Totem to declare his allegiance for the Highmountain Tribe. The Stonedark later join the Highmountain, Rivermane and Skyhorn forces in the battle for Snowblind Mesa, where Dargrul sent his forces to destroy a tauren village.

Sometime following the defeat of the Burning Legion, the Highmountain tauren joined the Horde.[5] Though the Stonedark did declare allegiance to Highmountain, it is unknown if they followed suit in joining the Horde.


The Stonedark appear to place great value in personal strength, revering the legendary weightlifter Liftbrul as a champion of their tribe[6] and, on at least one occasion, requiring outsiders to prove their weightlifting abilities before discussing matters with them further.[7] The Stonedark have three sacred relics — the  [Chains of Resistance], the  [Rod of Bearing] and the  [Wheel of Fortitude] — which they have possessed for generations, but which were recently stolen by the Deepcavern murlocs. Immediately after the relics are retrieved, a group of Stonedark begin using them as weightlifting equipment.[8]

While the Stonedark are no match for Dargrul's fighters in open combat, they do have other ways to help defeat their enemies.[9] They are skilled in earth-based magic: Navarrogg, whose powers over the earth are enhanced while he is in the possession of the  [Stonedark Focus],[10] raises small creatures born of the earth help defend himself and his people; while they are not terribly bright, the tiny elementals are loyal in their way.[11]