The Stonefields are a human family located in Elwynn Forest. They own the Stonefield Farm.

Until at least Cataclysm, they were embroiled in a family feud with the Maclures. In Warlords of Draenor, they can move out to Draenor to man the Barn erected in an Alliance adventurer's garrison at Lunarfall.

Family tree

Mildred Stonefield
Uncle Stonefield
Bernice Stonefield
Tommy Joe Stonefield
Maybell Maclure-Stonefield

Known members

Name Spouse Notes Status
IconSmall Human Male.gif Uncle Stonefield IconSmall Human Female.gif Bernice Stonefield Widow to Uncle Stonefield Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif Tommy Joe Stonefield IconSmall Human Female.gif Maybell Maclure-Stonefield Grandson of Mildred Stonefield Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif Mildred Stonefield ??? Grandmother of Tommy Joe Stonefield Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif Ma Stonefield N/A Alive
IconSmall Human Male.gif Homer Stonefield N/A Alive