The Stonemasons Guild[1] (or Stonemason's Guild,[2] Stonemasons' Guild[3][4] and Stonemason Guild[5] or simply the Stonemasons) was a guild of artisans and builders, similar to the dwarven Royal Stonecutters Union, with Edwin VanCleef as their elected Guildmaster.

After the Second War, the guild built Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted Lands.[4] Then the guild—led by Edwin VanCleef—was contracted by the Stormwind House of Nobles to rebuild Stormwind City that had been razed by the Horde in the First War. It was a massive project which required a small army of engineers and artisans.[6] The construction was overseen by the House of Nobles, who accepted the help of many artisans and specialists from across the Eastern Kingdoms. The spirit of restoration, hope, and prosperity struck many who decided to volunteer for the great work. Other laborers considered the opportunity of rebuilding as a lucrative government contract; a chance to prove their craftsmanship and start anew. Eager to forge new lives, these craftsmen traveled to Stormwind, many bringing their families at great expense.[citation needed]  They restored Stormwind to its former majesty, and their skill and distinctive style is evident in Stormwind Keep and in the Cathedral of Light.[7]

During the course of the restoration, Count Erlgadin[8] and Queen Tiffin[9] were their supporters. Despite this, when the reconstruction was completed, and Edwin asked the House of Nobles for their rightful payment, the nobles refused because they had massive debt[5] and were also manipulated by Lady Katrana Prestor. The nobles ordered the Stonemasons' Guild disbanded, and it turned into a heated dispute, which resulted in riots.[3] When Queen Tiffin was attempting to calm the rioting stonemasons, she was killed. The enraged and grief-stricken King Varian came down hard on the rioters. They fled the city and hid in rural areas Westfall with Edwin until the situation settled down. There, the respected guildmaster, with secret support from Lady Katrana, united the angry stonemasons and formed the Defias Brotherhood.[7][10]

Known members