Stone Vault.jpg
The Stone Vault
Main leader IconSmall Trogg.gif Grimlok
Race(s) Trogg Trogg
Base of operations Agmond's End, Hall of the Keepers, Stone Vault
Theater of operations Badlands, Uldaman
Status Crippled

The Stonevault are a group of pink-skinned troggs found residing in the Stone Vault and Hall of the Keepers in Uldaman and at Agmond's End in the Badlands.


Name Role Status Location
MobIconSmall Trogg.gif Grimlok Leader, chieftain Killable Stone Vault, Uldaman
MobIconSmall Trogg.gif Murdaloc Killable Agmond's End, Badlands
MobIconSmall Trogg.gif Revelosh Killable Hall of the Keepers, Uldaman


In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

When the Ironforge prospectors began excavating the Titan city containing secrets of the dwarves' true ancestry, they unearthed the vile Stonevault troggs who had been sleeping within. The troggs drove away the dwarves and now bitterly defend their stolen city.[1]