NeutralStoneweaver McConnell
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Title <Heroic Nathrian Weaponsmith>
Gender Male
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 60 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sinfall

Stoneweaver McConnell is a venthyr located in Sinfall.


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Item Cost
 [Barbed-Edge of the Stone Legion]
 [Bulwark of the Stone Legion]
 [Claws of the Stone Generals]
 [Crimson Court Backstabber]
 [Dread Inquisitor's Spine]
 [Dredbat Repeating Crossbow]
 [Dredfang Ironspitter]
 [Dredwing Barbed Swordbreaker]
 [Hungering Ritualist's Animablade]
 [Legion General's Glaivewing]
 [Mace of Enveloping Sins]
 [Master Stonewright's Chisel]
 [Nathrian Assassin's Backbiter]
 [Nathrian Crusader's Bastard Sword]
 [Nathrian Duelist's Fleshrender]
 [Nathrian Torchbearer's Stave]
 [Rod of the Stone Sentinels]
 [Sinbearer's Absolution Staff]
 [Sinstealer's Sentencing Gavel]
 [Stoneborn Goliath's Cleaver]
 [Stoneborn Terrorblade]
 [Stonewright's Infused Stonecarver]
 [Stonewrought Gargoyles Barrier]
 [Talons of the Legion Generals]
 [Torch of Fiery Atonement]
 [Wingdancer's Warglaive]

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