HordeStop the Flow

A fel wolf on a summoning circle
Start Cordana Felsong
End Cordana Felsong
Level 10-40
Category Frostfire Ridge
Experience 14240
Rewards 13g
Previous H [10-40] What Must Be Done


Destroy 7 Summoning Circles.

  • Summoning Circles destroyed × 7


The Shadow Council down in the boneyard are going to have magic circles. It's not enough to simply kill them; we also have to eliminate their infernal devices.

If you destroy the circles, you'll stop the flow of demons they're summoning to inhabit the bones of the dead.


You will receive: 13g


On accept:

Cordana Felsong says: It sounds like they've conjured demonic eye sentries. Be careful down there.


We should have killed them all at the Dark Portal in the beginning and damn the consequences.


  • 14240 XP


Pick up H [10-40] Eye Need That, H [10-40] Desecration of the Dead and after turning in H [10-40] A Clew of Worms, pick up H [10-40] The Sleeper Has Awakened before heading out. Head northwest to the Icescar Boneyard. Start killing Necrophytes and fel wolves, then interact with the summoning circles to destroy them. Ogzor is at the northwest end of the boneyard, with two Ogzor's Bones skeletal minions.


  1. H [10-40] Vouchsafe Our Arrival (optional)
  2. H [10-40] Safe Passage
  3. H [10-40] What Must Be Done
    • Optional side chain:
    1. H [10-40] A Clew of Worms
    2. H [10-40] The Sleeper Has Awakened
  4. H [10-40] Eye Need That
  5. H [10-40] All is Revealed
  6. H [10-40] Have a Heart
  7. H [10-40] The Fel Crystals
  8. H [10-40] To Capture Gul'dan

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