Stop the Siege (Alliance)

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AllianceStop the Siege
Start Senior Demolitionist Legoso
End Senior Demolitionist Legoso
Level 80 (Requires 78)
Type Weekly PvP
Category Wintergrasp
Experience 22,050
Rewards 16 Honor Points
7g 40s (or 13g 23s at 80)


Senior Demolitionist Legoso in Wintergrasp Fortress wants you to destroy 3 Horde siege machines.

  • Horde Siege Devices destroyed (3)


It is only a matter of time before this castle is besieged by the forces of the Horde. Destroy three of their siege devices and return here.

Senior Demolitionist Legoso says: Destroy their foul machines of war, <name>!


7g 40s 16 Honor Points


There is no time to waste, have you destroyed their siege vehicles?


Excellent. That should slow down their assault.

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