The Stormbridge

The Stormbridge is the main crosswalk leading from the Ruined Approach to the Grand Courtyard and Thunder King's fortress. When the heroes attempt to cross this bridge, Lei Shen greets them on the other side and destroys the walkway to prevent the heroes from crossing and sending them into the Lair of Tortos.


Arrival at the bridge
The heroes arrival as the Thunder King arrives to stop their advance.
Lei Shen yells: You have swept the filth from my doorstep. Perhaps you are worthy of my attention.
Lei Shen yells: But your trespass ends here. None may enter my forbidden stronghold. I shall rebuild this bridge with your bones for bricks.
Lightning strikes the bridge and the heroes fall into the Lair of Tortos.


  • This area is not seen during the LFR version.
  • Players in the Lair of Tortos can get back up to the shattered bridge by taking the water geyser back up.
  • To get back down use the designated drop off point, attempting to jump off other spots may end in death.