Stormsea Landing

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For the scenarios that take place at Stormsea Landing, see A [90] A Bold Idea and H [90] Decisive Action.
Stormsea Landing

The Stormsea Landing [63, 43] is the mogu palace's shipyard[1] currently being used by the Zandalari trolls and their warship. The landing can be found southeast of the Bloodied Crossing on the northeast side of the Isle of Thunder.

The entrance to the Swollen Vault is roughly halfway between the crossing and the dock. Additionally, there is a large door connecting to the Conqueror's Terrace to the southwest.


Quest givers


The "Stormsea Landing" scenario takes place in an instanced version of this area, in the form of A [90] A Bold Idea and H [90] Decisive Action during the Isle of Thunder storyline.

Notable objects

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