AllianceStormshield Stronghold
Stormshield Stronghold.jpg
Ruler(s) IconSmall Human Female.gif Grand Marshal Tremblade
Affiliation Alliance
Location Southern Ashran[45, 75]
PvP status Contested territory

Stormshield Stronghold is the Alliance base within the PvP zone of Ashran.

Found to the south of the main island, Stormshield Stronghold acts as the base of Alliance operations within the PvP zone, featuring a graveyard, vendors and the zone's Alliance Generals. It serves as a rally point for Alliance players to turn in Artifact Fragments, seek repairs and purchase battlefield upgrades and new gear. Heavily-defended, it is nevertheless under constant threat from the Horde, who seek to invade from the north. To the south of Stormshield Stronghold lies Stormshield itself, Alliance capital on Draenor.

The Horde equivalent is Warspear Outpost, found at the north of Ashran.


Stormshield Stronghold is separated from the main island of Ashran by a small bridge. The base's only channel for invasion and expansion, the bridge is often the site of heated battle. Across from the bridge lies the first Alliance capture point in Ashran, populated by Stormshield Vanguards and Stormshield Footmen.

South of Stormshield Stronghold lies Stormshield itself.

Notable inhabitants

Stormshield Keep.

Class leaders
Quest givers
Sergeants and other combat NPCs


During the expansion's beta, Stormshield Stronghold was originally called Stormshield, with the faction city simply termed the "Alliance Staging Area". The area was later renamed Stormshield Outpost, matching the Horde's Warspear Outpost, before eventually settling on Stormshield Stronghold.

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