Stormsong Monastery

Stormsong Monastery is a tidesage monastery located in Boralus. The tidesages only allow visitors who travel by boat.[1]

Behind the main building, there is an Ominous Altar in the pit of water next to the other altar.


Early in Boralus' history, the monastery was nothing more than huts and a cloister for the tidesages to live in, even though the sea priests played a vital role in protecting Boralus' ships from storms.[2]

By the time of the Fourth War, according to Thomas Zelling, who had studied here,[3] the tidesages present here have given in to dark magics, betraying their people and their teachings.[4] They have submitted themselves to powers they do not understand, and the Kul Tirans have suffered for it.

Taelia and the Alliance ambassador visited the monastery in search of information for the missing Kul Tiran fleet.[5] They questioned several tidesages, and initially they provided little knowledge,[6] but eventually they found Brother Alen in the Monastery Archives who explained the situation, forcing them to flee the unfriendly monastery.[7]

As part of the Horde War Campaign, the place was raided by a Horde adventurer and Thomas in search of the Abyssal Scepter. Some of the corrupt tidesages were defeated,[8] and the scepter successfully recovered.[9]


Horde War Campaign



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