Stormsong Monastery

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Stormsong Monastery

Stormsong Monastery is a tidesage monastery located in Boralus. The tidesages only allow visitors who travel by boat.[1] Behind the main building, there is an Ominous Altar in the pit of water next to the other altar.

According to Thomas Zelling, who had studied here,[2] the tidesages present here have given in to dark magics, betraying their people and their teachings.[3] They have submitted themselves to powers they do not understand, and the Kul Tirans have suffered for it. As part of the Horde War Campaign, the place was raided by a Horde adventurer in search of the Abyssal Scepter and the corrupt tidesages were defeated.[4]


Horde War Campaign


  • The orphans of Boralus take field trips to the monastery.[5]


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