NeutralThe Stormspire
Type Town
Leader(s) Neutral  Nexus-Prince Haramad
Race(s) Ethereal Ethereal
  Formerly DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Affiliation(s) The Consortium
Location Central Netherstorm [44, 35]
Status Active

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The Stormspire is a neutral Consortium-run town located in Netherstorm. It is located beneath the interconnected eco-domes of Sutheron and Skyperch. Lush jungle vegetation grows within the settlement creating a sharp contrast with the purple, arcane-channeled sky.

The town itself is of draenei architecture, however there are no draenei to be seen here now. Nexus-Prince Haramad, leader of the Consortium, is found in his chambers at the uppermost part of the Spire. He oversees the town through a holographic image. Haramad deals with Prince Kael'thas and the forces of Azeroth alike.[1] The Consortium uses this base to engage in activities such as excavation, mining and trading throughout the Netherstorm.

The Stormspire is under constant threat by the forces of the Burning Legion from their forge bases Gehenna and Oblivion. Nether-Stalker Nauthis leads the defense efforts. The Protectorate also has a small presence at the Stormspire.

The town is accessible in two ways; via a flight path with the goblin Flight Master Grennik and by an elevator [42.6, 33.6]. Located here is a Grand Master jewelcrafting trainer, an ethereal named Jazdalaad, and a Grand Master enchanting trainer, an ethereal named Asarnan. Karaaz, the Consortium Quartermaster reputation vendor, is also based here. Dealer Jadyan offers exotic weapons. Dealer Rashaad sells rare pets, including the unique brown rabbit. Numerous other vendors and quest givers are also here. Many of the goods are smuggled, avoiding naaru prohibitions and goblin taxation alike.[2]

A small goblin contingent is present at the Stormspire, looking for ways to steal parts of the Ethereals' eco-dome technology.[3] This is causing critical problems to the sustainability of the domes.[4] Because of this, the Consortium has even considered locking down the Stormspire to outsiders.[5]

Travel connections


Alliance Sylvanaar
Horde Thunderlord Stronghold
Neutral Area 52
Neutral Cosmowrench



  • The Stormspire is one of the only intact examples of undamaged draenei architecture in all of what is left of Draenor. Another is the citadel structure of Telaar.
  • We have no information about the fate of the former draenei citizens of this locality. It is possible that they have left their holdings for Zangarmarsh, as part of their diversionary strategy towards the Old Horde.


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