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AllianceKingdom of Stormwind
Stormwind City (film).jpg
Stormwind City
Main leader IconSmall Human Female.gif Taria Wrynn
  Formerly IconSmall Human Male.gif Llane Wrynn
IconSmall Human Male.gif Barathen Wrynn
Secondary leaders IconSmall Human Boy.gif Varian Wrynn
IconSmall Human Girl.gif Adariall Wrynn
Membership Royal Guards, Stormwind army
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Capital Stormwind City
Affiliation Alliance
Status Healthy
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

The kingdom of Stormwind is one of the Seven Kingdoms, situated in the southwest of Azeroth. Its capital is Stormwind City, a bustling castle town set with its back to the western ocean.

Following the death of King Llane Wrynn in his battle against the orcish Horde, Stormwind is led by Queen Taria Wrynn, regent of the future king, her son Prince Varian. Stormwind is a proud member of the Alliance.


Bonds of Brotherhood

King Wrynn led his army against the trolls pushing them all the way into Stranglethorn Vale where they were kept contained for several years. Then they attacked Brightwood. The King was hesitant to take direct action, much to dismay of Prince Llane who was eager to annihilate them. Instead, the king ordered bolstering the borders. As such, Llane, Captain Anduin and the new Guardian Medivh secretly sneaked into Stranglethorn's temple which they shattered, killing a troll warlord. This prompted trolls to react. They amassed their numbers and attacked Brightwood again, clashing with the Stormwind army. The humans were forced to retreat and the trolls soon entered Elwynn Forest and started a siege on Stormwind City. While King Wrynn sacrificed himself, Medivh used the fel to defeat the invading trolls.[1]


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The kingdom was at peace until the arrival of the Horde, being led fairly by King Llane Wrynn.

The territories of the kingdom of Stormwind were some of the first to be raided by the orcs when they arrived on Azeroth. King Llane sent his general Anduin Lothar to investigate, who with the aid of the Guardian Medivh later fought the human's first successful battle against the orcs, and captured the half-orc Garona.

As the direness of the situation became clear, King Llane sought to unite the nations of the Seven Kingdoms to take a stand against the growing Horde threat. From the dwarves of Ironforge to the elves of Quel'thalas, each nation had called upon Stormwind in the past at some point for troops or arbitration. Despite this, when King Llane Wrynn gathered the nations' leaders, in-fighting and self-interest saw the kingdoms left divided, with only Stormwind willing to take action.

After meeting with Durotan of the Frostwolf clan, it was the Stormwind army that would march to the Black Morass, and ultimately give their lives to prevent the reopening of the Great Gate, although the generous gifts of King Magni Bronzebeard helped them to save as many human prisoners as they could before they were overcome. With the aid of the young mage Khadgar, it was general Lothar who defeated the corrupted Medivh, but he was unable to save King Llane who gave his life at the portal to save his people, along with many of his most trusted soldiers.

King Llane's funeral in Stormwind City was attended by the leaders of each of the Seven Kingdoms' nations, newly united under the banner of the fledgling Alliance, his death serving to inspire cooperation and trust between the kingdoms.


Stormwind's territories are called provinces[2] and include Elwynn Forest (and the communities of Stormwind City, Goldshire, Northshire Abbey and Grand Hamlet), Westfall, Redridge Mountains (and the stronghold of Stonewatch Keep) and Brightwood.


The ruling court of King Wrynn consisted of the inner circle of advisors. When in troubles, they would hold council meetings.[3]

Similarly, Llane Wrynn had several advisors.[4]

Stormwind army



Main universe comparison

The armies of the kingdom do not seem to deploy conjurers, being protected by the Guardian Medivh instead. Despite the presence of the Cathedral of Light and Northshire Abbey no clerics or priests are seen (although they are mentioned in the novelization), but footmen and knights are a common sight. A shipment of boomsticks was sent by the dwarves of Ironforge and as such the legions of Stormwind do not seem to deploy archers. The armies of Stormwind are organized in legions, which might be a reference to the 1st Legion and 7th Legion.

Stormwind had 21 legions.[6]