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This article is about the human kingdom. For the in-game faction reputation, see Stormwind (faction). For other uses, see Stormwind (disambiguation). For other uses of its pre-retconned name, see Azeroth (disambiguation).
AllianceKingdom of Stormwind
Main leader IconSmall AnduinKing King Anduin Wrynn
IconSmall Turalyon Regent Lord Turalyon (regent in absentia)[1]
  Formerly See below
Secondary leaders HumanHuman House of Nobles
IconSmall Human Male General Hammond Clay
IconSmall Mathias Master Mathias Shaw
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome
High elfHigh elf High elf
Night elfNight elf Night elf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
WorgenWorgen Worgen
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Void elfVoid elf Void elf
Capital Stormwind City[2]
Government Hereditary monarchy
(House of Wrynn)
Sub-group(s) Stormwind's military
Affiliation Alliance, Church of Light
  Formerly Alliance of Lordaeron
Status Healthy
Tabard Stormwind Tabard 3

“In the past, we have relied on strength and steel to forge our way. We protect what we can, destroy what we must. But that is not the only way. If we are to ever restore this world, then there must come a time when the leaders of Azeroth are no longer the warriors, but instead the healers! Those who mend instead of those who break. Only then can we truly cure our deep ills and achieve lasting peace. Look above you! The heroes of old stand tall, and we honor and remember them well this day. But now look next to you! By your side, in this crowd, stand all the heroes of tomorrow! You… and you… and you. Each of you will play a part; each will make a difference; and in time, some will be honored on this day for deeds far greater than any we could possibly imagine! So, people of Stormwind! Let us unite this day. Let us renew our promise to uphold and protect the Light, and together we will face down this dark new storm and stand firm against it—as humanity always has… and humanity always will!”

— King Varian Wrynn[3]

The Kingdom of Stormwind[4][5][6][7][8][9] (also called the Kingdom of Azeroth)[n 1] is a human kingdom controlling much of the southern continent of Azeroth, from Elwynn Forest and Westfall to Duskwood and the Redridge Mountains, and a member state of the Alliance.[28] Originally settled by descendants of the Arathi,[5] Stormwind flourished until the First War when it was conquered and laid waste by the Orcish Horde. The survivors of that conflict, led by Anduin Lothar, sought refuge in Lordaeron, but were able to reclaim their homeland at the end of the Second War with the aid of the Alliance of Lordaeron.[29] Since the fall of the kingdom of Lordaeron during the Third War, the kingdom of Stormwind has become the strongest bastion of humanity and the most powerful force in the Grand Alliance.[6]

Stormwind is ruled by the House of Wrynn from their court at Stormwind Keep. The throne is presently occupied by King Anduin Wrynn, succeeding his father King Varian Wrynn who died at the Broken Shore. Also aiding in the governing of Stormwind is the House of Nobles: the bureaucracy of Stormwind's government that currently aids the king in the running of the kingdom's day to day affairs.


Warcraft I - Map of Azeroth

The Stormwind kingdom during the First War.

Founding and prosperity[]

The kingdom of Stormwind was originally founded 1,200 years[30] before the First War by the descendants of the Arathi bloodline, who had migrated south from the nation of Arathor.[5] Traveling past the rocky mountains of Khaz Modan, their journey finally ended after many long seasons, and they settled in the northern region of the continent they would name Azeroth. In a fertile valley, they founded the kingdom of Stormwind, which quickly became a self-sufficient power in its own right.[5]

While it was initially the smallest and most isolated human nation, over the years it found prosperity through the farmsteads that dotted the surrounding fertile region. As Stormwind's population grew small towns sprung up nearby Elwynn Forest, the Redridge Mountains, Brightwood, and the breadbasket of the kingdom, Westfall. Over the decades devout clerics of the Church of the Holy Light had ventured south from Lordaeron to spread their faith. Upon reaching Stormwind the pious individuals founded the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics.[31]

The kingdom was served loyally by the knights of the Brotherhood of the Horse. Secretive conjurers also served the kingdom, and as such Stormwind Keep had its own court conjurer.[10] The Kirin Tor was also present in the kingdom, as Anduin Lothar was acquainted with their fellow wizards in the realm.[32]

The constant bickering and infighting that marred the rules of the former kings of Arathor had no place in the court of Wrynn, and all had been peaceful for many generations in the kingdom until the Gnoll War. King Barathen Wrynn ended the conflict by scattering the unified gnoll packs and bringing back peace, solidifying the rule of the Wrynn dynasty over the entire kingdom. The great victory they had achieved — without the aid of others — further cemented a sense of independence and self-sufficiency among the population. As a result, Stormwind would continue to become even more distant from the other human nations, confident that they were capable of successfully dealing with any danger that arose to threaten their security.[33]

Chronicle2 Medivh

The Guardian of Tirisfal Medivh repelling the jungle trolls' invasion of Stormwind City.

Following the Gnoll War, having rebuilt and repaired the parts of the nation destroyed by the war, the Kingdom of Stormwind began expanding its borders, much to the displeasure of the Gurubashi jungle troll tribes. A series of smaller conflicts between the two factions erupted over time, largely over the territories bordering Stranglethorn Vale that Stormwindian settlers began expanding into. Though initially isolated, the conflict quickly escalated out of control, despite the best efforts of Stormwind's King Barathen Wrynn. The final provocation came when Prince Llane Wrynn personally led a small party to strike at the Gurubashi leadership in central Stranglethorn, which succeeded in uniting the trolls against Stormwind. Though costly and close-run, the human kingdom eventually emerged victorious, largely due to the intervention of the Guardian Medivh. With the entire troll army completely destroyed or routed at the gates of Stormwind City, the jungle trolls of the south would never succeed in threatening the kingdom again. This bloody conflict was known as the Gurubashi War, and the Stormwindians enjoyed nearly two decades of relative peace after emerging victorious. King Barathen was one of the casualties of the Gurubashi War, and Llane succeeded him as king in the aftermath of the war.[34]

At some point, the humans established a small port called Blackwater Cove in the south of Stranglethorn Vale. It was, however, overrun by jungle trolls. Eventually, the trolls were defeated by the Steamwheedle Cartel goblins who took control of the port, renaming it to Booty Bay.[35]

The last years before the Horde's arrival were considered a golden age for Stormwind.[36] Under Llane's leadership the kingdom was peaceful and prosperous,[10] and was now one of the mightiest human nations[37] despite also being the youngest.

At the time, Karazhan would host many galas for the nobles from around Stormwind, who came to regard Medivh's parties as exclusive high-society events. The guests were awed by the wonders of the enchanted tower, and their happiness even lifted the Guardian's mood.[38] However, Medivh was possessed by Sargeras and continued to hide this corruption behind a lavish lifestyle, still inviting many nobles to party down in Karazhan. When Arcanagos and Aegwynn confronted Medivh, this night the tower was crowded with nobles who were expecting a gala. When the son and mother started fighting, their powers were shaking the tower to its foundations and caused the would-be revelers to flee. As Aegwynn slowly gained the upper hand, Medivh resorted to draining the life of hundreds of people fleeing the tower in order to fuel his strength, leaving Karazhan a haunted tower of madness populated by ghosts. Among the victims were some of the most important nobles of Stormwind.[39]

Still corrupted by the Dark Titan, Medivh also cursed Ariden and a group of charlatan merchants who sold counterfeit artifacts. From their base at Ariden's Camp in Deadwind Pass, they attempted to cheat the Guardian by selling those fraudulent items. In revenge for their trickery, Medivh cursed the group to forever hunt real magical artifacts and bring them back to him at Karazhan.[40] It is not known exactly what curse Medivh placed on them, or if they are undead or not, but the Dark Riders have haunted the kingdom of Stormwind since that moment.[41]

First War[]

Warcraft I - Town

A peaceful town of the kingdom before the First War.

When reports of mysterious creatures lurking around the Black Morass reached Stormwind, rumors spread through the streets that they were either vengeful spirits, trolls armed with some new breed of power, or a strange race from across the Great Sea. King Llane dispatched Sir Anduin Lothar to uncover what these new creatures were. Lothar led a small force of the Knights of Stormwind to scout the Black Morass, resulting in humans clashing with orcs for the first time in a series of bloody skirmishes. Lothar and his men scored a number of small victories, yet for every orc killed two more seemed to take its place. The humans were more outnumbered in each subsequent battle, and Lothar was eventually forced to pull back without venturing deep enough into the heavily guarded Black Morass to find the Dark Portal. Lothar informed King Llane the invaders were bringing in reinforcements from somewhere, and the kingdom readied itself for a full-scale war that became known as the First War.[42]

Warchief Blackhand ordered raiding parties to cut deep into Stormwind's lands and drive panic among the human populace. Entire villagers in Brightwood, Westfall, and the southern Redridge Mountains fell, their inhabitants either killed or forced to flee. By the time Stormwind's patrols rode to defend the villages, the orcs were already gone. They were an enemy unlike any the humans had ever faced.[43]

First War FX

Stormwind soldiers fighting the invading orcs of the Old Horde in front of the Dark Portal.

Llane had named Lothar the "King's Champion", the highest military rank in the kingdom, and entrusted him to end the orcish threat. Deciding to use the orcs' mobility against them, Lothar studied the pattern of targets the Horde would strike and set up ambushes along their paths of retreat. A loyal knight named Gavinrad the Dire was given command of large numbers of troops by Lothar. In some cases, small units of human knights were able to bring down entire orc raiding parties without any casualties. The orcs soon realized the humans were unlike any enemy they had ever faced as well.[43]

To the surprise of Medivh, his battle with Aegwynn had gone unnoticed by the rest of the world. No witnesses had survived, and the deaths of so many nobles had not caused the stir that he expected, as the kingdom of Stormwind laid the mysterious disappearance of the nobles on the orcs flooding out of the Dark Portal in the Black Morass.[44]

Three years after the Dark Portal had been opened, the orcish raids on the countryside had razed farms, towns, villages, forges, and trade houses, causing ruin to Stormwind's economy. Even more dire, many sources of food supply had been destroyed or fallen into the Horde's control, threatening Stormwind City with running out of supplies in a few months. With this knowledge in mind, Blackhand decided to bring the Horde north to conquer Redridge Mountains and from there launch an attack on Stormwind City. The Horde marched on the foothills of Redridge with little resistance and believed the humans would not attack before they reached Stormwind City, which was exactly what Lothar wanted them to think.[45] An orc raiding party led by Blackhand went into the mountains hoping to claim Lakeshire. However, Lothar and his knights suddenly charged down the slopes without warning and surrounded the orcs in a spectacular ambush. The Horde raiders fought hard but almost all of them were slain. Lothar himself had almost killed Blackhand, but the two Shadow Council warlocks accompanying Blackhand had turned the tide of battle with their fel fire and forced Lothar to withdraw. Weeks later, a larger force took Lakeshire and the surrounding land.[46]

After Brightwood, Westfall, and the Redridge Mountains had eventually fallen, the Horde marched onto Stormwind City. Thousands of Horde soldiers marched through Elwynn Forest and encircled Stormwind, cutting off all access except for the sea. Warchief Blackhand had ordered Kilrogg Deadeye and Cho'gall to lead their Bleeding Hollow and Twilight's Hammer clans in the assault on Stormwind. To weaken the city's defenses, siege engines bombarded the city walls through the night, and at dawn Kilrogg and Cho'gall launched their attack. While orcs charged the battlements, warlocks engulfed Stormwind's soldiers in fel fire, resulting in staggering losses. As it seemed Stormwind would fall that day, suddenly cries of an attack came from the Horde's rear lines. Lothar and the majority of Stormwind's knights had moved around the Horde by sea. The King's Commander was now leading a charge through Elwynn Forest, catching the orcs in the rearguard completely by surprise as the knights cut through their lines. As the Bleeding Hollow and Twilight's Hammer tried to push back the knights, Stormwind's large gates opened and soldiers poured out of the city to flank the orcs in a counterattack. Outflanked on both sides and suffering many casualties, the orcs were left with no choice but to flee.[47]

Chronicle Stormwind refugees

Anduin Lothar and other refugees flee Stormwind.

Later a second siege of Stormwind began. While the orcs breached the city's walls and fighting took place in the streets, Stormwind's defenders were able to hold them at bay. During the fighting, King Llane was assassinated by the Horde's assassin Garona Halforcen. As word of the king's death spread, morale began to fall and Stormwind was reduced to ruins. Returning from slaying the possessed Medivh in Karazhan, Lothar subsequently took on the mantle of regent lord and guided the refugee nation in the name of the young prince, Varian Wrynn. The city's survivors fled to Lordaeron aboard thousands of boats.[48] Lady Mara Fordragon, High Clerist of Stormwind, later became the patron of the refugees who fled to Lordaeron after the conflict.[49]

After its destruction, the ruins of Stormwind City were lorded over by the orcs of the Stormreaver clan.[50]

As a result of the kingdom's destruction, the leaders of the seven kingdoms resolved to unify once again in the Alliance of Lordaeron. King Terenas, ruler of Lordaeron, agreed to support the landless Stormwindians and let them settle near the Southshore region of the Hillsbrad Foothills. Battle-hardened and seeking retribution for the loss of their homeland, the forces of Stormwind fought during the Second War among their human brethren.[37] Under Anduin Lothar's charismatic leadership, the Alliance joined together and succeeded in defeating the Horde together.

Second War and reconstruction[]

Though Anduin Lothar did not live to see it, the Alliance forces were able to take back the ruins of Stormwind, and with them under human control once again and serving as a strong base of operations, the Alliance eventually wrested most of Azeroth from the Horde's grip.

Special importance was placed on rebuilding the nation of Stormwind. King Terenas of the kingdom of Lordaeron had pledged to aid the fallen nation and support Prince Varian Wrynn's ascension to the throne. For some, Stormwind was a powerful symbol of humanity's future and if it could rise from the ashes, anyone could. Consequently, men returned to the ruins of Stormwind City and began to rebuild the once-great city as a testament to their own survival.[51] However, word of Stormwind's reconstruction was met with mixed feelings by the kingdom's refugees. Many of them refused to return to their broken home as it was a reminder of everything they had lost, and so these refugees preferred to start their lives anew in the northern continent of Lordaeron. As the Supreme Commander of the Alliance of Lordaeron, Turalyon oversaw the repatriation of the citizens of Stormwind, and helped Prince Varian Wrynn secure his place as Stormwind's next king by providing him with experienced ministers and advisors,[52] as most of the nobles of the kingdom had been killed by the Old Horde.[53]

While rebuilding the kingdom, the Alliance called on artisans and patrons to help fund or aid in the massive project. Many answered the call: Terenas Menethil,[54] the Church of Light and his Archbishop Alonsus Faol,[55][56] and the Stonemasons Guild were all instrumental in the rebuilding process. Meanwhile, King Varian led his people in reacquiring and restoring the kingdom's lost territories.[57] The territories reacquired split the kingdom into several unique regions, all of which have their own form of a municipality. Though the regions are granted a certain degree of independence, all lands within Stormwind are united under the Stormwind banner and have sworn fealty to the House of Wrynn. Stormwind City, being the crown jewel of the kingdom, once again became the capital of the restored kingdom of Stormwind. Under King Wrynn's visionary leadership, the southern kingdom of Azeroth grew prosperous again and re-established itself as a military power.[58]

The internment camps' authorities were based at first in New Stormwind under Danath Trollbane.[59] During the early days of the Invasion of Draenor, Danath gathered all the mercenaries of Stormwind together and marched them to fight at Nethergarde Keep.[60] After the Sons of Lothar destroyed the Dark Portal, five statues in the likeness of Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Khadgar, Kurdran Wildhammer, and Danath Trollbane were placed within Stormwind's Valley of Heroes, in order to commemorate their heroic deeds and to honor their ultimate sacrifice for the safety of Azeroth.[61]

Epicenter of humanity[]

Exploring Azeroth - Stormwind

Stormwind City in Exploring Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms, depicting the Valley of Heroes.

Years later, tensions grew among the kingdoms, however, as the costs for maintaining the Alliance rose much higher than originally anticipated. Unwilling to pay the taxes, the leaders of Gilneas and Stromgarde chose to withdraw their kingdoms from the Alliance. King Varian Wrynn vowed to stand by King Terenas Menethil and remained committed to the Alliance, just as they have done for him.[54] Yet further disaster came when the kingdom of Lordaeron was decimated by a mysterious plague that killed thousands of humans and converted them into undead servants of the Lich King. Even Lordaeron's prince, Arthas Menethil, was manipulated by the Lich King, leading Arthas to kill his own father, destroy his own kingdom and journey to Northrend, where he merged with his master. For the next five years, the Lich King remained in Northrend, plotting and building up his armies.[6]

Since the fall of Lordaeron during the Third War, the kingdom of Stormwind has become the strongest bastion of humanity and the most powerful nation within the Alliance. As one of the few remaining great human cities, it boasts a powerful city guard and a strong army. With the fall of the northern kingdoms, Stormwind is by far the most populated human city in the world.[6] With Lordaeron and Dalaran destroyed, and Gilneas and Kul Tiras isolating themselves after the Third War, Stormwind arose as a new bastion of leadership and military might in the Alliance. This granted Stormwind immense prestige and influence on the world stage, but also made it a target.[62] Boasting a large population of predominantly human people, Stormwind served in many ways as the cultural and trade center of the New Alliance, which was furthermore supplemented by Stormwind City's access to the sea and its formidable fleet of ships. Led by King Varian Wrynn, the people of Stormwind held fast to the principles of honor and justice as they defended their settlements and their families.[6]

Political unrest[]


Queen Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn was accidentally killed during one of the Stonemasons Guild riots.

Though Stormwind offered what support and resources they could to Lordaeron, they were also beset by their own internal problems. After the Stonemasons Guild spent years toiling to rebuild the glorious city, they were left broke, as their fees and salaries were left unpaid and unspoken for by the city's officials. When the time of the rightful payment came, the nobles of Stormwind couldn't because they ran up a huge debt by expanding the kingdom's military presence through Elwynn and into Stranglethorn, and the massive debt crippled the kingdom's economy.[63] In the shadow, Lady Katrana Prestor manipulated both sides with the Drakefire Amulet - her meddling in the rebuilding of Stormwind left the nobility unsatisfied with the craftsmanship of the guild, while the workers were enraged that the nobility despised them and were threatening to withhold payment.[64][65] When the Guildmaster of the Stonemasons Edwin VanCleef spoke out, demanding restitution for their works, the Stormwind House of Nobles ordered the Stonemasons' Guild disbanded, and it turned into a heated dispute, which resulted in riots that led to the murder of Queen Tiffin.[66][67]

In response, King Varian Wrynn vowed to punish those responsible and dealt with the rioters more severely.[68] The Stonemasons, fleeing the city, hid in the rural areas of Westfall to escape prosecution. Knowing Varian's anger would never fade, many were forced to remain in hiding.[69] The Stonemasons became the terrorist organization known as the Defias Brotherhood and sowed anarchy and terror in the lands of Stormwind for the next decade. King Varian, shaken by his wife's death, fell into a great depression. Lady Katrana Prestor took advantage of this opportunity and used politics and sorcery to politically outmaneuver the king in the coming years. Yet in time, King Varian slowly regained his political clout, with his son Anduin Wrynn being his primary inspiration.

After the dust had settled from the Third War, Varian journeyed to Theramore Isle to speak with Lady Jaina Proudmoore regarding the Horde and Alliance relations. En route, he was abducted by the Defias who had been told of his diplomatic trip through a spy rumored to live within the Kingdom of Stormwind itself. Rumors circulated that he was taken to Alcaz Island and was held captive there. These rumors were true, yet they were also false, for Varian was split into two people after a botched ritual to subdue Varians' will conducted by Onyxia. While one of the twins retained all of his wits, charm, and patience, the other retained his will, ferocity, and skills in battle as he was enslaved by an orc gladiatorial trainer called Rehgar Earthfury in Kalimdor.

As King Varian Wrynn went missing under suspicious circumstances, Stormwind was believed to be going through a state of disarray. Young Anduin was given the crown so that order could be preserved within the kingdom of Stormwind, at the behest of the royal councilor, Lady Prestor.[70] Highlord Bolvar Fordragon acted as the Regent of Stormwind and the Supreme Commander of Stormwind's forces on behalf of King Anduin, with Lady Prestor advising Bolvar on the proper use of Stormwind's resources.[71][72] While Lord Bolvar did his best to aid King Anduin with ruling the kingdom, Lady Prestor secretly worked to sow chaos and discord within the kingdom behind the scenes, while pretending to aid the young king in public.

World of Warcraft[]

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The Comic - Valley of Heroes

Stormwind celebrate the return of King Varian Wrynn.

With the recent invasion of the Burning Legion, which left the northern Kingdom of Lordaeron in ruins, the Kingdom of Stormwind stood as the strongest bastion of human civilization. The Alliance since then has been reorganized and gained new allies in the following years, with the humans of Stormwind standing resolute in their charge to maintain the honor and might of humanity.[6] Stormwind firmly backs the Alliance with its knights, priests, paladins and mages; many of whom served in the three wars against the Horde and the Scourge.

During the first Scourge Invasion, the Scourge attacked Stormwind City. Bolvar Fordragon later led an Alliance counterattack and recruited heroes who raided Naxxramas and defeated Kel'Thuzad.[73] Prior to the start of the invasion of Outland, the gates of Stormwind were invaded by a group of Burning Legion demons led by Highlord Kruul.[74]

As the second Varian fought his way across Kalimdor to freedom, earning the nickname “Lo'Gosh" (or “ghost wolf") in the Crimson Ring, meanwhile in Stormwind, jubilant throngs of Stormwind's subjects turned out for a massive ceremony to welcome home their king. However, the Varian Wrynn that returned was arrogant, frivolous, and markedly interested in Katrana Prestor. The people of Stormwind had only been informed that the Defias had ransomed the king, but in truth, he was somehow imprisoned and ransomed back by some naga. In either case, his freedom was bought and paid for by a painful new tax. Upon his return, however, Varian seemed concerned only with spending more of his people's money, leaving affairs of state by the wayside.

Anduin Varian Chronicle

Varian and Anduin returning to Stormwind City after their victory against the black dragon Onyxia.

Eventually, Lo'Gosh, with the help of his allies fought their way back to Stormwind. Marching through the gates of Stormwind, they were halted by General Marcus Jonathan under the direct jurisdiction of Katrana Prestor, who ordered their immediate arrest and execution as traitors. However, Reginald Windsor succeeded in convincing Marcus of his loyalty to Stormwind, as they had previously served together under Turalyon. Katrana Prestor hastily gathered soldiers only to have the false-Varian tell her that she was disobeying the chain of command and was not in charge of Stormwind. Entering Stormwind Keep, Lo'Gosh declared Katrana's masquerade was over and called her by her true name: Onyxia. Revealing her dragon form and transforming multiple guards into dragonspawn, a battle began in the great hall of Stormwind Keep. The arrival of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon along with Anduin Wrynn greatly aided them in securing the keep, but Reginald Windsor was killed moments later by Onyxia. At the end of the battle, the great black dragon snatched Anduin and teleported them to her lair; daring King Varian to follow suit. Left to grieve the loss of their son, Lo'Gosh and Varian mobilized the troops of Stormwind as the final battle would end in Onyxia's Lair.

Leading a mounted charge with their forces, both Varians cut bloody swathes into Onyxia's dragonspawn ranks. Eventually, they encountered the brood mother herself, with Anduin imprisoned and held as a hostage, threatening to kill him if Varian didn't surrender Stormwind over to her. After the prince was saved by Broll Bearmantle, both Varians engaged Onyxia with all of their might. Becoming desperate to end the fight, Onyxia began casting the spell she was going to use on Alcaz Island to kill Lo'Gosh, but the spell was disrupted and King Varian emerged, his two halves fused back together, with his newly-fused elven sword Shalamayne. After he killed the Broodmother, Varian told his allies that their long and noble deeds would be rewarded and that Stormwind had been reborn with a new hope for the future. He then decapitated Onyxia and sent her head to be hung from the ramparts of Stormwind.

Wrath of the Lich King[]

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Bolvar Hearthstone

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon fighting the Scourge.

Later, Stormwind itself was attacked by the Scourge. King Varian created the Valiance Expedition to put an end to the Lich King and made his friend, Bolvar Fordragon, the commander of his forces. Under Bolvar's leadership, the Valiance Expedition battled its way to the doorstep of the Scourge, Angrathar the Wrathgate. During the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, the Alliance and Horde put aside their differences and combined their forces in a showdown between them and the Lich King. Unfortunately, Forsaken renegades led by Grand Apothecary Putress unleashed the Forsaken Blight on living and Scourge alike in a surprise attack meant to rid themselves of all their enemies in one fell swoop. The Alliance suffered heavy casualties from this betrayal, including as far as anyone can tell, Bolvar Fordragon. King Varian personally led the manhunt for Putress to avenge his fallen friend and also to retake the Ruins of Lordaeron. Although Varian was successful in bringing Putress to justice in the Battle for the Undercity, the horrors he witnessed in the Undercity and the grief of losing his friend had reignited his hatred of the Horde. As a result, Varian and his forces nearly clashed with Warchief Thrall and his Horde forces but were interrupted by Lady Jaina Proudmoore who teleported Varian's forces back to Stormwind before blood could be shed.

Though tensions remained high, the Alliance and Horde reluctantly remained focused on the Lich King for the remainder of the campaign; with only skirmishes between the two factions occurring to supplement their war effort in the war. Under King Varian's leadership, the proud humans of Stormwind led the Alliance and their allies to victory against the Scourge. However, while successful, the campaign in Northrend proved costly.[75]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Stormwind City after the Cataclysm

Stormwind City being rebuilt after the Cataclysm.

During the Elemental Unrest, the kingdom was attacked by furious elementals and several citizens joined the Doomsday Cult.

Though victory was won over the dreaded Scourge, it came at a great cost. The costs of the war in the north have taxed some of the Stormwind citizens to the point of bankruptcy. The people of Westfall, who were just recovering from years of neglect and harassment from Defias bandits, fell on especially hard times after the war. Meanwhile, Stormwind City itself was attacked by the black dragon Deathwing, whose return brought about the Shattering and wrecked parts of Stormwind City. Transients who lost their homes and businesses from either Deathwing's attack or by hard times now congregate in Westfall. Vanessa VanCleef, daughter of the late Edwin Vancleef, took advantage of the discontent to revive the Defias Brotherhood. The once natural defenses buffering the kingdom from its enemies have cracked and left openings that were taken advantage of. The Blackrock orcs have managed to sneak into Northshire through a break in the southern Elwynn Mountains. With the guidance of the dragon Darkblaze, the Dark Horde has also begun invading Redridge in force as well. Heroes of the Alliance arose to defend the kingdom and made sure these threats never threaten Stormwind again.

With the Cataclysm emboldening the Horde to acquire new territory and resources in the name of their new WarchiefGarrosh Hellscream— Stormwind has taken measures of its own to secure its borders from their perennial enemy's brazen expansion. Marshtide Watch for example, was established to debilitate the Horde outpost Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows and to hold the line in the frontier. Meanwhile, the Alliance navy was deployed to control key trade routes through victory at sea. Their naval battles attracted the attention of naga and their thrall kraken however, and many of the Alliance and Horde ships were sunk by the naga's wanton attacks. Despite these setbacks, the emergence of Vashj'ir has piqued the interest of Hellscream, who has sent Hellscream's Vanguard to claim it as a staging ground against Stormwind. Stormwind in response has sent Stormwind Seals under the command of Captain Taylor to claim the island and secure Stormwind from a naval assault.[76]

Blood of Our Fathers[]

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Varian Blood of Our Fathers

High King Varian Wrynn in Blood of Our Fathers.

Not long after Deathwing attacked Stormwind City, on the day of Remembrance Day, Stormwind Harbor was full of hulls in every color, shape, and size, as the celebration always brought a host of pilgrims to honor and celebrate humanity's heroes. However, there were even more boats present than usual, as many civilians sought the protection of Stormwind following the ravages caused across Azeroth. During the celebration, the Twilight's Hammer cult tried to assassinate both King Varian and Prince Anduin at the Stormwind City Cemetery; which they were lured to by Archbishop Benedictus under the pretense of family bonding. While the Wrynns fended off the assassins, Archbishop Benedictus tried to sway the Stormwind masses to the Twilight Hammer's cause.

Later, much to everyone’s surprise, Varian arrived at the Remembrance Day Ceremony. Limping onto a stage erected for the holiday, disheveled and covered in blood, came King Varian and Prince Anduin, barely holding each other up in their fatigue. As the realization of their dire state spread, a concerned murmur arose, but Varian raised his hand in a gesture of reassurance, and the crowd grew silent. It suddenly dawned on Varian that he had never found time to prepare his Remembrance Day speech. The king paused for just a moment, trying to smile through the pain, and then realized with utmost clarity that he now knew exactly what to say. He told the people of Stormwind that though he has his faults, as their king, he has and always will have their best interests in mind. Even after Deathwing's attack, Stormwind will always remain vigilant and stand defiantly against their enemies. They will always rebuild from tragedy and continue to learn from adversity. Stormwind will continue to grow from every direction, forging a brighter future. Each day they are alive is a great day, for each generation finds its own way to become the greatest generation that has ever lived and become the heroes of tomorrow. Varian states that though in the past they relied on strength and steel to forge their destiny, it is not the only way. In order to restore the world, a time will come when leaders need to be healers instead of warriors, those who mend instead of those who break. Only then can they truly cure their deep ills and achieve a lasting peace. Varian watched with pride as his words stirred the hearts of his people. The populace cheered for King Varian and this new direction for Stormwind.[77]

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.
Landfall Raneman art

Stormwind Soldiers fighting the Horde in Pandaria.

When Theramore Isle fell, black flags were raised at Stormwind's buildings in honor of those who died there.[78] Later on, mass construction of Alliance ships took place in Stormwind Harbor for the upcoming global Alliance-Horde war.[79]

As the Alliance achieved a critical victory against the Horde, thwarting the plans of Garrosh to unleash the horrible powers of the Inv misc bell 01 [Divine Bell], the repairs of the damage caused by Deathwing neared completion. The front gate towers have been reconstructed, and the statue of Danath Trollbane is back in place and mended to pristine condition. Stormwind now appears more beautiful than ever. However, the area where the Park stood still appears black and charred, and the surrounding walls and buildings are still in ruins, reminding everyone of the horrors of Deathwing's power. It seemed unlikely that the destroyed district will ever fully recover, due to the fact that large chunks of landmass are missing.

As tensions between the Horde and the Alliance exploded in Pandaria, King Varian Wrynn served as a mediator for the first time, tempering the cold tactics of war with an eye toward creating lasting peace. King Varian's leadership was tested as he successfully united the Alliance amid the pressures of war. The Horde, however, under the weight of Garrosh Hellscream’s command, continued to fracture. The trolls of the Darkspear tribe soon rebelled, and Orgrimmar was consequently placed on lockdown. Warchief Garrosh had sent crews into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and into the Northern Barrens in search of resources to push his war machine forward. In the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Garrosh seized the desiccated heart of an Old God to use as a tool of war, unleashing horrors upon the sacred valley, and consequently caused tensions to reach a boiling point. This culminated in the invasion of Orgrimmar with the help of a Horde rebellion. Varian's success solidified his position as high king, the commander of all Alliance forces.

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

Following the events of Siege of Orgrimmar, Garrosh Hellscream was imprisoned to be tried in Pandaria. Before the trial could conclude, aided by an ally who can manipulate the timelines, Garrosh escaped to Draenor of the past, and prevented the orcs from ever drinking the blood of Mannoroth, creating an untainted Iron Horde under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream. High King Varian Wrynn declared war on the Iron Horde and formed an Alliance expedition under the command of numerous talented commanders to face the orcish menace.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Anduin SotW

King Anduin sitting on the throne with Shalamayne.

The hard-working citizens of Stormwind have been hard at work rebuilding Stormwind Park where they managed to rebuild a large mass of earth that was ripped out of the land from Deathwing's attack.

When the third invasion of the Burning Legion began, King Varian Wrynn personally led the Alliance's counterattack. The brutal fighting forced both the Alliance and the Horde to retreat, and Varian sacrificed his life to allow his allies to escape.[80] Following the death of the king at the Broken Shore, King Wrynn's tomb was displayed in a portion of the new park as well as a memorial listing the names of fallen Alliance soldiers. Consequently, Anduin Wrynn was officially crowned as the new king of Stormwind and leader of the Alliance.

At some point, some of Stormwind's citizens have been converted to the Burning Legion's cause and formed the Veiled Hand.[81] These cultists sought to overthrow Stormwind but were foiled when Shadows of the Uncrowned assassinated their leaders.[82]

At the end of the invasion, a new embassy opened in the captial outskirts,[83] as a meeting point for the leadership of the Alliance and the kingdom's allies. Sometime after the end of the Argus Campaign, King Anduin Wrynn had a speech for Stormwind citizens at Lion's Rest.[84]

Since Anduin Wrynn's ascension as king, the House of Nobles has seen great strides in rooting out corruption, mainly under the supervision of Mathias Shaw of the SI:7.[85] At the time, many reforms allowed more aid and resources to arrive at Westfall, which caused the spark of revolution in the region to fade.[86] The young king also offered pardons and reparations for former Stonemasons and their families, who therefore left their life of banditry and returned to Stormwind City.[87]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Jeremy Chong

High King Anduin Wrynn leading the Alliance forces during the Battle for Lordaeron.

In the aftermath of the Burning Legion's invasion, the citizens of Stormwind and the Alliance lost their leader, High King Varian Wrynn. Anduin lost his father and some of his innocence as he was entrusted with the command of the Alliance's armies amidst a violent war, a task he felt woefully unprepared for. Time and again, Anduin has used diplomacy to end conflict, inspiring even his warrior father to lay down arms in pursuit of peace. But diplomacy has its limits, and some villains can't be reasoned with. As the escalating war with the Horde threatens everything Anduin holds dear, he now guides his armies to seek new allies. His ultimate goal is to put an end to the bloodshed he so abhors... even if it means getting his hands dirty.[6]

With the discovery of Azerite threatening to shift the balance of power in Azeroth, King Anduin has refocused the Alliance's efforts to prevent the powerful mineral from falling into the wrong hands and promoting diplomacy in order to prevent future wars fueled by Azerite. Anduin attempted to reconcile the humans of Stormwind with the Forsaken by initiating the Gathering event in order to promote unity. However, the Gathering ended in tragedy, and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner has used the failed reunion to further alienate the Forsaken from their human counterparts.[88]

During the War of the Thorns, King Anduin ordered that the portals from Darnassus be constantly open throughout Stormwind City, and many night elven and Gilnean refugees arrived in the capital,[89] filling all its quarters, and even spilling out most of the way to Goldshire.[90] In response to the burning of Teldrassil, the Stormwindians marched with their Alliance allies to retaliate against the Undercity during the Battle for Lordaeron. The two conflicts have reignited the war between the Alliance and Horde, as they battle for Azeroth and the Azerite proliferating from their dying world.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

After King Anduin Wrynn's abduction by the Mawsworn, Turalyon was appointed as regent and protector of the realm with the support of the House of Nobles.[1] The nobles were keen on restoring Stormwind's defenses in the wake of the Fourth War,[91] and Turalyon remained popular with them in the years to come.[92]

During Death Rising, the kingdom came under attack from the Scourge. To fight against the undead, troops of the Stormwind Army and the Argent Crusade were mobilized in Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains, and Duskwood in order to protect the regions and its inhabitants. At the end of the war against the Jailer, Anduin told Genn Greymane that he couldn't return to Azeroth yet and that he trusted Turalyon to keep Strowmind and the Alliance safe in his absence.[93]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

With the return of the Dragon Isles, Wrathion met with Turalyon and extended the Dragon Aspects' invitation to the isles. Recalling how the Aspects made great sacrifices to save Azeroth during the Cataclysm, the Regent of Stormwind declared that Stormwind and the Alliance would answer the call and stand together with dragonkind once again.[94] While the expedition was preparing to depart, Turalyon discussed with Mathias Shaw about the return of the dragons. Although he had faith in Alexstrasza's intentions, he expressed distrust of the other dragons, citing the SI:7's report of the damage done to the kingdom by Onyxia years ago. In order to protect the Alliance and their past years' efforts to recreate its strength, he ordered the Spymaster to enlist the expertise of the Stormwind mages to create a foolproof method to see through the "visage" that the dragons wear among mortals.[95]

At some point, a disgraced noble named Count Clessington arranged for the Defias Brotherhood to steal the Drakefire Amulet from Stormwind Keep.[96] Using the artifact's powers of manipulation, and the help of a cruel bandit named Duncon Ratsbon, he convinced the Defias to turn against Vanessa VanCleef and march on Northshire Abbey, with the aim of using it as a staging ground to pillage the city of Stormwind itself.[97] With the help of a champion of Stormwind, the Defias were defeated, Count Clessington was slain, and the Drakefire Amulet was destroyed.[98] In order to reward them for defeating the rebellion, General Hammond Clay promoted the Stormwind champion into a Lionguard and bestowed them with a new armor during a ceremony in the Valley of Heroes.[99]

In Westfall, the Breadbasket Guild was created by a gathering of farmers, former Defias members, and war refugees, who sought to revitalize the region and help its inhabitants. They are good people trying to do right by each other, notably by working the farms again and getting proper homes built for folks. With the help and support of Countess Cecilia Clessington in the House of Nobles, their organization was formalized to request support from the kingdom.[100][101][102]


People and culture[]

Goldshire TCG

Goldshire in the Trading Card Game.

Stormwind's national color is blue. Lions are a common symbol, and as such Anduin Lothar was called the "Lion of Azeroth".[103]

The demonym used for the people of Stormwind is "Stormwindian".[104]

Those who do not take the path of an adventurer become peasants; those who craft, sow fields, work mines, and harvest lumber.[6] The noble humans of Stormwind are a proud, tenacious race and are driven by valor and optimism. Inspired by the heroes that have come before them, the humans of Stormwind seek to rekindle humanity's former glory and forge a shining new future.[105]

Stormwind's coinage has traditionally been the copper penny,[106] the silver groat,[107] and the gold sovereign.[108] Every citizen must pay their taxes to the kingdom,[109][110] and the latters can be regulated by the king or the House of Nobles.[111] Even villages and settlements not affiliated with any distinct Alliance nation, but who have sworn fealty to the Alliance maintained by the monarchies of Stormwind and Ironforge, pay taxes to those kingdoms in order to sustain the Alliance's upkeep.[112]

Each year, the people of Stormwind celebrate many holidays and events, notably the Remembrance Day, a festival to honor the great heroes of the past, such as Uther the Lightbringer and Anduin Lothar.[77] When a year is ending, the kingdom celebrates the New Year by offering free drinks to its citizens and by launching fireworks at night.[113] The Feast of Winter Veil was introduced to Stormwind and the Alliance at large by King Muradin Bronzebeard,[114] thus its cities are accordingly decorated for the occasion. During the Noblegarden, it is customary for the nobles and lords of Stormwind to hide coins, candy, and the occasional treasures within special eggs painted to look like wildflowers, which are then scattered in the capital and towns for the citizenry to find. During the Volunteer Guard Day and the Peon Day, the citizens of Stormwind celebrate the hard work of City Guard and their peasants. Like in Lordaeron before the Third war, the human of Stormwind continued their traditional Hallow's End celebrations, even though they didn't quite understand the reasons for doing so, in the hopes of a brighter future despite the losses of the three Great Wars against the Scourge and Horde. After their introduction, the worgen of Gilneas brought with them a deeper understanding of the annual event, and in particular, reintroduced the practice of burning a wickerman. During the Day of the Dead, the people of Stormwind gather in graveyards to celebrate and cherish the spirits of those they have lost. Many other holidays are also celebrated, such as Love is in the Air, the Lunar Festival, the Pilgrim's Bounty, the Children's Week, the Harvest Festival, and the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Stormwindians revere the Light, and the Church of the Holy Light plays a significant role in their society. The Cathedral of Light serves as a major spiritual hub for humanity as a whole, and as the base of operations for its clergy and the Order of the Silver Hand in the kingdom, while the Northshire Abbey remains dedicated to recruiting and training any adventurer brave enough to help keep the peace.[6] The Archbishop of the Church represents the pride of the kingdom's culture and have great popularity with the people, which manifests during festivals like the Remembrance Day, when the crowd was eager to hear a speech from Archbishop Benedictus.[77]

In the kingdom, warlocks are considered as pariahs that must operate in the shadows of polite society.[115] They practice their dark arts within hidden enclaves, so that they can escape the prejudice of the public, notably in the Slaughtered Lamb's basement and catacombs who serve as host to the warlock community of Stormwind City.[116] They also do not hesitate to assassinate those who would try to reveal their hiding place and activities to the public.[117] The patrollers of the Stormwind City Guard consider that they never bring anything good, and that it is therefore necessary to be wary and keep an eye on them, although the law does not expressly prohibit their presence in the city (if they are not enemies of the Alliance).

Upon their arrival in the kingdom, the void elves were warned by Ambassador Moorgard that it was better for them to keep control their shadow powers, as not everyone in Stormwind was as enlightened as him. The void elf emissary Keira Onyxraven later testified that she did not receive a very warm welcome too, but that most folk were polite enough.[118]

Political structure[]

Dining Hall Stormwind Keep

King Varian Wrynn and his courtiers in Stormwind Keep.

The permanent head of government in the kingdom is the King of Stormwind - a position entitled to male members of the Wrynn dynasty. The crown prince - first-born son of the king and his queen consort - will be coronated king upon the death of his father. Other than the King himself, the royal family doesn't seem to hold much political power, but possesses high privileges in the society.[119] The power of young kings who have yet to enter adulthood will temporarily be shared by a regent lord. The king's government consists of the House of Nobles including ministers, advisors,[120] and a Court Conjurer previously advised the king on the matters of magic. The king can provide the House with temporary stewardship if he leaves the kingdom.[121]

Since Varian Wrynn's return, the Kings of Stormwind have also had a unique international position as the ultimate leader of the Alliance - referred to as the High King, often with leaders of other member states acting as their advisors or joining them in council meetings. Due to the kingdom having a permanent position of leadership within the greater Alliance, the foreign military politics of Stormwind has integrated almost entirely with that of the entire faction.

The Stormwind Army is nowadays headed by the general, also known as the High Commander of Stormwind Defense, and whose subordinates act as the executive branch carrying out the laws of the King and his government across the entire kingdom of Stormwind. Notably, "King's Champion", is the highest military rank in the kingdom, but has not been used since Anduin Lothar. The king of Stormwind also employs a spymaster to command the SI:7, a secretive military force specializing in espionage and assassination. The Stormwind City Guard are the law enforcement and protectors of the capital, keeping the peace within the city's walls,[122] while the Stormwind Guard patrol and enforce the kingdom's law in Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, Westfall, and the Redridge Mountains.

The mages of the Wizard's Sanctum have a task to ensure the safety of Stormwind City and its lands,[123] they wage a "secret war" into the "invisible world",[124] notably by investigating and dealing with any magical anomalies and creatures threatening the realm and its inhabitants.[125][126]

The kingdom of Stormwind spans several regions with local democratically elected magistrates or mayors, ruling courts, and creating laws for the local populace.[127]

The kingdom's administrative justice can apply the death penalty for its criminals,[128] the task being accomplished by an executioner, as stated by Spymaster Mathias Shaw who attended several of these executions. The death penalty by hanging is notably applied to thieves who were caught a third time in the act by the Stormwind City Guard. It was the case of Pathonia Shaw before she agreed to work as an assassin for the kingdom.[129] Spies sent by enemies of the kingdom are also executed if they are captured.[110] When Garona Halforcen was captured at Theramore Isle, King Varian tried to claim her, the assassin of his father, for a public execution at Stormwind City.[130] Outside the capital, Lakeshire has its own Court and Law,[131] which mentions that aiding a criminal of the Kingdom is punishable by death.[127] In Duskwood, the Council of Darkshire was responsible for enforcing justice, but also for ordering death sentences by beheading, notably for those who sold the bodies from cemeteries in the region.[132]

For the non-violent criminals from the Stormwind Stockades, the policy of the kingdom indicate that they must be conscripted into the army and sent to fronts as penal legions, in order to fulfill their sentence. Those who do not respect the rules and discipline of the army are imprisoned again.[133] It is necessary for a crew to have regulatory papers to moor at the Stormwind Harbor.[134] While they are usually killed on sight by the Stormwind Army,[135] in very rare cases, pirates may obtain a royal pardon for past crimes if they manage to accomplish a mission of great importance to the kingdom. If successful, they will be allowed to moor at the harbor.[136]

Notable leaders[]

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Katrana Prestor (Onyxia)
Varian Wrynn Anduin Wrynn Anduin Wrynn & Turalyon


Stormwind Champion's War Banner

Inv misc 8xp encrypted03 [Stormwind Champion's War Banner]

The Kingdom of Stormwind possesses an array of military organizations:

Territory and outposts of Stormwind[]


The region of Stormwind in World of Warcraft.

Following the victory of the Alliance of Lordaeron over the Horde, Stormwind was reclaimed and rebuilt as New Stormwind. The kingdom is currently split into several smaller territories. Some villages such as Goldshire, Lakeshire, and other territories are governed by an appointed Marshal of the Stormwind Army, which upholds the law on behalf of the king. Other towns could be governed by a democratically elected official. Lakeshire, for example, is governed by an elected magistrate — Magistrate Solomon[137]. Darkshire appears to have appointed its own mayor, which was Lord Ello Ebonlocke before his betrayal, his successor is unknown. Moonbrook was governed by a mayor before the Defias Brotherhood took control of the region,[138] no successor has been elected since.

During the absence of King Varian Wrynn, co-regent Lady Katrana Prestor managed to sow discord among the various regions of Azeroth. Her as the black dragon Onyxia was revealed, ending her hold over the kingdom. With Varian Wrynn's return, the Stormwind kingdom began to rebuild and slowly began to get back on top of things and maintain order. However, this brief moment of progress was temporarily interrupted with the end of the war in Northrend and the recent Cataclysm that broke the world. The kingdom faced economical issues while the war against Deathwing seriously damaged the kingdom's economy. Many have become homeless and evicted forced to find work and a place to live.[139]

In the years that followed, the kingdom slowly managed to regain its former glory, although it faced many threats such as the Iron Horde, the Burning Legion, and conflicts with the Horde during the Fourth War. Following the death of Varian during the Battle for Broken Shore, his son Anduin Wrynn succeeded him as king and continued the work of his late father.

According to Antonio Perelli, a wandering vendor, it takes him a week on foot to complete his journey through all the regions of the kingdom, regularly passing by Goldshire, Sentinel Hill, Darkshire, and Lakeshire (in this order) to sell his goods.[140]


150px-Perfect flag of Stormwind

A modern version of the Stormwind banner.

Stormwind Banner 2

Inv misc tournaments banner human [Stormwind Banner]

  • Elwynn Forest - Alliance; Under complete control of Stormwind and close enough to enjoy considerable Alliance guardianship; sends its criminals to Stormwind. The towns of Goldshire and Northshire Valley are this region's main hub.
  • Westfall - Alliance; The region has officially re-joined the kingdom as one of its fiefdoms again. The Defias are no longer the controlling faction of the area with the balance of power shifting to the control of the kingdom. However, it has become a place of poverty with commuters pouring in, although the Westfall Brigade strives to make things better. The fortified town of Sentinel Hill is this region's main hub.
  • Redridge Mountains - Alliance; Under Stormwind's control; originally had a strong presence. The region became more unstable with Dark Horde incursions and the loss of Stonewatch. The Stormwind army had maintained a token presence in Redridge and handles Redridge's few crime problems. Sometime after the Cataclysm, Stormwind increased Redridge's security by constructing Tower Watch on the Three Corners and stationing a garrison of Redridge Watchmen there. The town of Lakeshire is this region's main hub.
  • Duskwood - Alliance; The kingdom's most southern region, under the protection of Stormwind but has its own democratic government and also has control of its own small military force — the Night Watch. The town of Darkshire is this region's main hub. The Gilnean worgen have settled in the region at Raven Hill to take care of the Worgen problem.
  • Deadwind Pass - Under jurisdiction; Although this region contains no faction encampment, the area itself falls under the control of the Kingdom of Stormwind.
  • Burning Steppes - Under jurisdiction; A region once part of the Redridge Mountains, it was blasted apart by Ragnaros when the Dark Iron Dwarves summoned him in hopes of winning the War of the Three Hammers. Although a fiery wasteland now and the kingdom has no use for such land, the ambitious young Morgan leads her militia with the prosperous idea of taking back the land of her people and building a new kingdom there to show the Alliance it still has potential. The land has no fixed settlement but for Alliance, the outpost of Morgan's Vigil serves as the hub.
  • Swamp of Sorrows - Contested; The area previously in the past was under the control of the Horde. Since the Cataclysm, though there has been an extreme power shift as the nation of Stormwind has become the main power in the region during the questing experience which results in the Horde being forced to flee the area. The Draenei have also officially claimed the Harborage after allying with the Broken there. Currently, the army of Stormwind holds the power in the region from their base Marshtide Watch but the Draenei control the only Alliance civilian village.
  • Blasted Lands - Contested; After the Second War when Stormwind had been rebuilt and it began its campaign to rebuild its kingdom once again. The kingdom felt it wise to construct Nethergarde Keep to watch over the Dark Portal for any new threats that might once again challenge the safety of the kingdom and the rest of the known world at the time. This effectively made Stormwind the dominant power in the region for years to come. Since the Cataclysm, the Horde have managed to construct a small fortress in western Blasted Lands and have started a senseless conflict with Nethergarde. Some Gilneans have also come to the region settling in their new town of Surwich.
  • Northern Stranglethorn Vale - Contested; The kingdom of Stormwind at one point sent an expedition to expand to Stranglethorn. The expedition established Kurzen's Compound, yet madness overtook Colonel Kurzen and he went rogue. Some of Colonel Kurzen's forces, still loyal to Stormwind, mutinied against Kurzen's treachery and established the Rebel Camp, a resistance force trying to reign in Kurzen's followers. Recently, Stormwind established another outpost known as Fort Livingston which also got help from their allies at the Explorers' League Digsite.
  • Balor - Unknown; The island was part of the kingdom prior to the First War in which it fell to the Stormreaver clan, since then it is unknown what happened to it. Said to be located west of Stormwind City.
  • Stormwind Bay[136] - specifics of the area are unknown. It could refer to the water surrounding Stormwind City.


  • Chillwind Camp - With the fall of Southshore, this bustling forward base camp has become the only presence the kingdom has to preserving Lordaeron in its pre-Third War days. Although there are many other nations spread throughout the continent which were part of the old Alliance of Lordaeron who are loyal to Stormwind, they are not part of their kingdom. The nations that remain and are hell-bent on protecting their land and ridding Lordaeron from the Forsaken once and for all are the humans of Stromgarde, the Wildhammer dwarves of Aerie Peak and the humans and worgen of Gilneas.

Territory status[]

In Warcraft II[]


The torn flag of Azeroth in Warcraft II.

WC2BnE-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.

Leader: Regent Lord Anduin Lothar

Nation Color: Blue

Background: Before the coming of the Age of Chaos when the Portal was first opened, the kingdom of Azeroth was the mightiest of all Human nations. Ruled by the wise and just King Llane, Azeroth stood as a beacon of light and truth throughout the known world. After the First War, Azeroth and all of its lands were devastated by the Horde. With King Llane dead, Sir Lothar took charge of the shattered armies of Azeroth and led the survivors across the Great Sea to the shores of Lordaeron. King Terenas, ruler of Lordaeron, agreed to support the landless Azerothiens. The people of Azeroth settled near the Southshore region of Lordaeron, pledging their loyalty to the Alliance. Battle-hardened and brave, the last of the once great armies of Azeroth now seek retribution for the loss of their homeland.[37]

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Kingdom of Stormwind[142] is considered a base of magical/divine study and contemplation in Azeroth. Stormwind City is its capital.[143]

Aside from the rebuilt settlements, there is evidence of the constant warring of recent years after the First and Second Wars. Hard-edged debris of wartime fortresses stand softened by wind and rain. Grapevines entwine abandoned siege machines, and battlefields are carpeted in wildflowers. Wolves stalk herds of wild pigs around the stumps produced by decades of harvesting and among the saplings that now grow to take their place. Even as the humans rebuilt, much of Stormwind reverted to wilderness, closer to the world's natural state than in a thousand years. The tribes of forest trolls and the ogre lords emerge to stake claims on the wild lands, resulting in rising clashes between all races.[144]

Stormwind firmly backs the Alliance; its knights, priests, paladins, and mages served in the three wars against the Horde and the kingdom still exists as the strongest unified human force in the world, but enemies and wilderness now surround it.

After the First War, the Stormwindians mourned their beloved King Llane who died when the capital of Stormwind fell to the Horde, and they settled near Southshore, determined to take back their homes.[145]

Notes and trivia[]

  1. ^ When the kingdom was first introduced, it was called "Kingdom of Azeroth".[10][11] The first instance of "Kingdom of Stormwind" appeared in Of Blood and Honor,[12] but "Azeroth" was still used in the subsequent game[13] and books.[14][15] The now non-canon Warcraft[16][17][18] and World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Games[19][20] used both terms interchangeably. In World of Warcraft, it was revealed that the kingdom was called "Stormwind" since it was founded,[5][21] but "Azeroth" was still used for a few in-game history books[22] (transcribed from the Warcraft III manual)[23] describing the First and Second Wars, contradicting the WoW manual.[24] The name "Kingdom of Azeroth" appears to be retconned, as the official site refers to the kingdom as "Stormwind" in the synopses for Warcraft I[25] and Warcraft II,[26] the games where "Azeroth" was first introduced. The Ultimate Visual Guide also calls it "Stormwind" during the First and Second Wars.[7] World of Warcraft: Chronicle describes it being founded as the kingdom of Stormwind[27] and keeping that name to present.
  • Stormwind City is named after the kingdom.[146]
  • Before the Third War, the kingdom of Stormwind spied on the kingdom of Lordaeron to gain vital information and later to investigate the rumors of the plague of undeath.[147]
  • The Lord Paladin of the Scarlet Crusade Harthal Truesight was said to come from Azeroth.
  • Stormwind is the only human kingdom to have never dropped out of the Alliance due to destruction or secession.
    • Stormwind, Lordaeron, Kul Tiras,[148] and Dalaran were the only human kingdoms that didn't secede from the Alliance following the Second War.
    • Lordaeron and Dalaran were destroyed during the Third War. Dalaran chose to remain unaffiliated after it was rebuilt.
    • Kul Tiras was not heard from since the end of the Third War and was not considered to be a current member of the Alliance[149] until it reappeared some years later.
  • The first playable humans in World of Warcraft are always from the nation of Stormwind.[150]
  • In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the victor of the First War differs between the human and orc campaigns. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and all later sources show that the orc campaign is the true outcome, but with most of the events from the human campaign still being true.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The term Stormwind Monarchy[151] could be referring to the then-rulers Prince Anduin Wrynn, Regent Bolvar Fordragon, and the royal councilor Katrana Prestor.


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