The Stormwind Embassy

The Stormwind Embassy is a building in Stormwind City that serves as a meeting point for the leadership of the Alliance and as headquarters for its allied races. It was established following the defeat of the Burning Legion in the Argus Campaign, and can be found on Stormwind's northern outskirts, near the Wollerton Stead.

The embassy's interior in patch 8.1.5, with the leaders of the Alliance gathered

Much of the Alliance's efforts in the lead up to the Fourth War, notably involving the recruitment of new allied races, was based from this location, although most of the Alliance leaders left mid-way through the Fourth War, and Aysa Cloudsinger assisted with recruitment efforts in their stead. A forge and a mining trainer can also be found behind the embassy proper.

The entire Alliance leadership met once again within the Stormwind Embassy at the end of the Fourth War, but Tyrande Whisperwind openly rejected the armistice signed between Anduin Wrynn and the Horde Council, arguing that the Horde had yet to truly answer for its crimes against the night elves, and that she would be unsatisfied until Sylvanas Windrunner paid in blood.[1]

Racial banners


When an allied race is unlocked, NPCs of their faction appear around the embassy. Some of them offer services and include profession trainers.


* Only visible to level 120 gnome characters who are exalted with Gnomeregan.
** Removed from the Embassy once an allied race has been unlocked.

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