Stormwind Gate.

Stormwind Gate[1] is a massive gate that separates Stormwind City from Elwynn Forest. It is located between Elwynn Forest and the Valley of Heroes. Signs can be found throughout the human capital city pointing to Stormwind Gate. The gates are of course always open to allow players to travel in and out of the city. Two Stormwind City Guards stand just outside the gate (Elwynn Forest zone) and two stand just inside the gate (Stormwind City zone). Two Stormwind City Guards also patrol from one side of the Valley of Heroes (General Hammond Clay) to the other side (Stormwind Gate).

It's also the place for Alliance's Hallow's End.

During the War of the Thorns, refugees from Darnassus were spread through the city, spilling out most of the way to Goldshire.[2]

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