NeutralStrange Life Forces
Start Automatic
End Witch Doctor Mau'ari
Level 15-30
Category Winterspring
Experience 8800
Rewards 1g 50s

Strange Life Forces is a simple quest that explains the phenomenon of E'ko. It has a chance of being auto-accepted upon the death of any creature in Winterspring.


When this creature died, some sort of energy was released from its body. The energy was passed on to you, and now you feel somewhat stronger.

According to Winterspring locals, Witch Doctor Mau'ari at the Snowden Chalet is an expert in the wildlife of the area. She might know something about this mysterious energy.


What's dis? You got de smell of de E'ko on ya! Let Mau'ari tell ya a little bit about de E'ko and what it do.

You're lucky, <race>. De E'ko searched you out. A troll like me's gotta go find de E'ko herself.

All de creatures of Winterspring have E'ko. De furbolg, de chillwind, de shardtooth... even de Ice Thistle yeti! You kill dese creatures, and sometimes, a bit of E'ko comes out. Different creatures... different E'ko.

Go on now. Go find de other E'ko!


You will receive: 1g 50s


  • Has a low chance of appearing after killing any creature in Winterspring, similar to a zone drop item.

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