AllianceStranger in a Strange Land
Start Ambassador Moorgard
End Keira Onyxraven
Level 10
Category Void Elf
Rewards 2s
Previous A IconSmall VoidElf Male.gifIconSmall VoidElf Female.gif [10] For the Alliance


Find the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind City.


Welcome to Stormwind, <race>. King Anduin Wrynn invites you to explore our fair city. Say, you look like someone who enjoys the night life. We have many popular taverns and a vibrant music scene!

Ah, but that can wait. An emissary of the ren'dorei is standing by to tell you of adventures that await beyond the city walls.

Have a pleasant stay, <name>. Oh, and a friendly word of advice... best to keep control of those shadowy powers you wield. Not everyone in Stormwind is as enlightened as I am!


You will receive: 2s


So how does Stormwind suit you?


Welcome to Stormwind. Though it is no Silvermoon, the city does have its charms.

If you came here expecting a warm welcome, I cannot say I have received one myself. But most folk are polite enough.

No matter. I am off to seek adventure! And perhaps a stiff drink.


Keira Onyxraven says: I have only heard stories of Stormwind before now. I will explore its streets and the wonders it holds. May the shadows guide you, <name>.


  1. A IconSmall VoidElf Male.gifIconSmall VoidElf Female.gif [10] For the Alliance
  2. A IconSmall VoidElf Male.gifIconSmall VoidElf Female.gif [10] Stranger in a Strange Land

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