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HordeStranger in a Strange Land
Start Ambassador Blackguard
End Nilsa
Level 10
Category Vulpera
Experience 400
Rewards 1s 25c
Previous H IconSmall Vulpera Male.gifIconSmall Vulpera Female.gif [10] For the Horde


Find the Warchief's Command Board in Orgrimmar.


Hi. I'm Ambassador Blackguard.

<Blackguard looks down at a piece of paper in his hand.>

On behalf of the warchief, I am honored to welcome you to Orgrimmar, <race>.

<Glances at you, smiles unconvincingly, then looks back at the paper.>

As a lifetime of adventure unfolds before you, be assured that... uh...

You know what? I've been reading this same greeting all day. Enough's enough.

Examine the Warchief's Command Board and find out where you can adventure. Run along.


You will receive:

  • 1s 25c
  • 400 XP


Another world... another time... this is an age of wonder.


So many options for you!

And by you, I mean us. I bet there are some fascinating curiosities to be found...

Be careful out there!


This quest reuses the progress text of the Mag'har orc quest of the same name. This makes for a slightly odd result, since vulpera are neither from another world nor from another time.


  1. H IconSmall Vulpera Male.gifIconSmall Vulpera Female.gif [10] For the Horde
  2. H IconSmall Vulpera Male.gifIconSmall Vulpera Female.gif [10] Stranger in a Strange Land

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