Secondary leaders IconSmall Naga Male.gif Tidelord Rrurgaz,
IconSmall Naga Female.gif Morgala Darksquall‎
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
IconSmall Hydra.gif Hydra
Character classes Myrmidon, Siren, Warrior, Sorcerer
Base of operations Alcaz Island
Theater of operations Dustwallow Marsh
Language(s) Nazja
Affiliation Nazjatar Empire
Status Unknown (presumed destroyed)

The Strashaz naga were located on the Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh. They employed their own breed of hydras, as well as the couatl.[1]


The Comic

Comics title.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Their involvement counts the sinking of the Defias vessel carrying King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind.

The young king somehow managed to escape them. Morgala and her naga would later encounter him again on the ship Wavecutter.

Following the Burning Legion's third invasion, the isle was completely taken over with no trace of the naga.