NeutralStreet "Cred"
Start Grezzix Spindlesnap
End "Silvermoon" Harry
Level 10-30
Category Howling Fjord
Experience 5050
Reputation +50 The Kalu'ak
Previous Grezzix Spindlesnap
Next "Scoodles"

This quest is part of the Fury of the Kvaldir quest chain.


Speak with "Silvermoon" Harry at Scalawag Point about the missing Vrykul artifacts.


The Northsea Freebooters all fear and respect Grezzix. I'm thinking they recognize my special talents and envy my amazing ship. All you need to do is tag along with my cabin boy, Lou, and you'll be in like... In like tin. Pirates love tin.

Just talk to Lou when you're ready to go and he'll take you to Scalawag.

Oh yea, you'll want to talk to "Silvermoon" Harry first. He'll have more information on the stuff they pilfered. Just watch what you say around him. He's a freak... crazy for blood elves.


<Harry raises an eyebrow at you.>

So you're like me, eh? A little eccentric.

<Harry whispers.>

Nobody dresses like that around here.

About those artifacts... Everyone that has come into contact with that stuff has ended up dead, missing or both.

If you're interested in learing more, I can help - but it'll cost you.

<Harry winks.>

You scratch my back and I'll try not to stick a dagger in yours.


Talk to Lou: Gossip I don't have time for chit-chat, Lou. Take me to Scalawag Point. This will spawn a Lou and canoe that your character will then jump into the back.

Lou the Cabin Boy says: Hang on to your hat, <name>! To Scalawag we go!

The canoe will then zip you to [35.6, 82.3].

Lou the Cabin Boy says: YAAARRRRR! Here we be, matey! Scalawag Point!


  1. A [10-30] Orfus of Kamagua (optional)
  2. N [10-30] The Dead Rise!
  3. N [10-30] Elder Atuik and Kamagua
  4. N [10-30] Grezzix Spindlesnap
  5. N [10-30] Street "Cred"
  6. N [10-30] "Scoodles"
  7. Four-way quest fork - three with 1 step, the shield with 4 steps:
  8. N [10-30] A Return to Resting (after completing all of Step 7)
  9. N [10-30] Return to Atuik

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