Strong Fishing Pole is one of two low-level upgrades to the [Fishing Pole], and is the only one available to the Horde.

Before purchasing, consider that the basic Fishing Pole is disposable and replaceable when your bags get full, and you can buy 20 [Shiny Bauble] lures for the same money as the Strong Fishing Pole. They grant +25 fishing skill lasting 10 minutes each, 200 minutes total. In addition, the lures can be purchased as you need them, rather than all at once.

Since the changes to Fishing in 3.1, skill only affects whether you catch a fish or junk, and you will skill up either way; plus, the level requirements have been removed, so fishing bonuses have lost much of their value.


This item can be purchased in limited quantity (1) for 23c from:

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