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Strongly Worded Letter

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Strongly Worded Letter.

The Strongly Worded Letter can be found next to Owen Lodgson in Stormsong Valley.


Strongly Worded Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I will absolutely NOT be closing down my ski lodge. I had sent in several requests for inspection. Month after month, it was ignored. I was then told to just, "go ahead because we're sure it's fine."

I have spent too much gold to abandon my dream now. And the reasons given are simply outrageous. Avalanches? I've looked over the place, it's perfectly safe!

Yetis? I've got a strong enough sword arm, I'll deal with any I see myself.

And these earthquakes, "but not earthquakes"? Ridiculous!

I have half a mind to-

<There is a blotch of ink that decorates the rest of the letter.>

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