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Title Private
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Theramore Guard, Alliance
Occupation Private of the Theramore army, Tracker
Status Deceased, killed by Zmodlor
Relative(s) Still living parents,[1] Manuel (brother)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Private Strov was a young veteran soldier of the Third War. He was considered the best soldier in Theramore by Colonel Lorena and was her most trusted warrior.[2][3] Strov was one of the survivors of the war and served the Alliance through the Theramore Guard. He was known to be non descriptive, having average height and average build which made him a very good tracker.[4] His sharp wits and keen eyesight made him especially invaluable and it saved his detail from an ambush by the Burning Blade.[5]

Strov accompanied Lorena to Northwatch Hold and brought captain Avinal to Lorena. As they were returning, the group of soldiers was attacked by orcish members of the Burning Blade clan. He and Clai survived and tried to follow their orcish assailants but the orcs teleported out of the location. He then remembered that his brother had talked about the Burning Blade. After this, Colonel Lorena sent him on an investigation to uncover the plot under Jaina Proudmoore's command.

He later met his brother Manuel at the Demonsbane tavern. Manuel showed him Margoz, the person who was recruiting people to the cult. The cultist was very drunk and left the tavern with Strov following him to his house. Strov found out the whole setup was masterminded by the demon Zmodlor, but was killed by the demon before he could report back, taking his knowledge to his grave. His last thought was about Manuel, hoping his brother wouldn't blow his entire pension on alcohol.[1]



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