HordeStudies in Lethality
Start Serge Hinott
End Serge Hinott
Level 7-30
Category Hillsbrad Foothills
Experience 1750
Reputation +250 Undercity
Rewards 14s
Previous H [7-30] Trouble at Southshore


Recover 250 Blight Samples.

  • Blight Sample taken (250)


We used a fairly potent strain of blight against the humans of Southshore. As you can see, it worked. The trouble with blight use, though, is that blight tends to stick around after it's served its purpose.

What I need from you is to take this testing kit and get out into the field to get a lethality count from the blight slimes that we've released into the area. Use the lethality analyzer on the blight slimes sweeping the slime pools. Come back to me when you have some solid data.


You will receive: 14s


We need Southshore move in ready!


Oh my. 250? This thing doesn't go past 250. How are you still standing? You should be a puddle of goo by now. Sylvanas will be most displeased with this information. There might be some things we can do to reduce the lethality levels of the area by a few decades, but that still leaves us out by about a hundred or so years.


Once you accept this quest, you will get a new heads-up display, an analogue meter reader that shows the level of anger from the Blight Slime.

As you take samples from the Blight Slime, they will progressively get angry at you. Initialy they are neutral to you. As you progress in this quest, they become unfriendly and the following warnings are given. Finally, near completion, they are hostile to you and attack you on sight.

  • The Blight Slimes are beginning to react negatively towards your prodding.
  • The Blight Slimes are getting ANGRY!
  • The Blight Slimes want your blood!
    • At this point, you will be offered the quest H [7-30] Angry Scrubbing Bubbles, and the Angry Blight Slimes will become attackable.


Introduction and Azurelode Mine

Optional breadcrumbs: H [7-30] Empire of Dirt or H [7-30] Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!

  1. H [7-30] Welcome to the Machine
  2. H [7-30] Trouble at Azurelode & H [7-30] Glorious Harvest & H [7-30] Past Their Prime
  3. H [7-30] Human Infestation & H [7-30] Thieving Little Monsters! & H [7-30] Coastal Delicacies!
  4. H [7-30] Deep Mine Rescue

Sludge Fields

  1. H [7-30] Trouble at the Sludge Fields
  2. H [7-30] No One Here Gets Out Alive
  3. H [7-30] Discretion is Key & H [7-30] For Science!
    Side quest: H [7-30] The Battle for Hillsbrad, H [7-30] Do the Right Thing
  4. H [7-30] Little Girl Lost
  5. H [7-30] Freedom for Lydon
  6. H [7-30] Protocol & H [7-30] Do it for Twinkles
  7. H [7-30] Burnside Must Fall
  8. H [7-30] A Blight Upon the Land

Ruins of Southshore

  1. H [7-30] Trouble at Southshore
  2. H [7-30] Studies in Lethality & H [7-30] Green Living & H [7-30] Helcular's Rod Giveth... & H [7-30] Helcular's Command
    Side quest: H [7-30] Angry Scrubbing Bubbles, H [7-30G2] Trail of Filth

Purgation Isle

  1. H [7-30] Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking? (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [7-30] *Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*
  3. H [7-30] Stormpike Rendezvous
  4. H [7-30] Kasha Will Fly Again
    Side quest: H [7-30] Terrible Little Creatures
  5. H [7-30] The Road to Purgation
  6. H [7-30] They Will Never Expect This...
  7. H [7-30] Heroes of the Horde!

Tarren Mill

Alterac Mountains

  1. H [7-30] Aid of the Frostwolf (breadcrumb in Tarren Mill)
  2. H [7-30] Matters of Loyalty
  3. H [7-30] March of the Stormpike
  4. H [7-30] Breaking the Hand
    1. H [7-30] Cry of the Banshee
    2. H [7-30] Decimation
    3. H [7-30] Infiltration & H [7-30] Deception and Trickery
    4. H [7-30] Domination
  5. H [7-30] Stormpike Apocalypse

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