Sul'thraze the Lasher, the Splitblade of Suffering,[1] is a two-handed sword.

Obtaining it rewards the achievement  [Sul'thraze the Lasher].


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Sul'thraze is a legendary sword of the Farraki tribe, composed of two single-handed blades merging into one, that leaves shadow-touched wounds in its foes. The legend about the sword is widespread enough for even a young high elf or jungle troll to have heard it.[2][1]

Weegli Blastfuse,[3] Trenton Lighthammer,[4] and Mazoga were searching for the sword.


Sul'thraze the Lasher is created by combining two rare swords from Zul'Farrak,  [Jang'thraze the Protector] and  [Sang'thraze the Deflector]. This consumes both swords and cannot be undone, and enchantments on the swords will likewise not be preserved.


  • Sul'thraze is not visible in the Appearances interface until it is obtained.
  • Prior to patch 4.0.3a, this item required level 50, which caused it to be commonly skipped over for items such as  [Ice Barbed Spear]. With it now requiring level 44, this item is now much more practical for both PvP and leveling.

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