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Image of Sulamm
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Class Shaman
Affiliation(s) Highmountain tribe
Location Henge of the Earth Mother
Status In trance
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Sulamm was a tauren shaman of the Highmountain tribe. He was visited by Trag Highmountain after he became an undead.[1]


After Trag revived as an undead, he visited Sulamm and told his history. Trag wanted his life again, but the shaman couldn't give that to the young tauren. Despite this, Sulamm invited Trag to live with the Highmountain tribe again, as an honored warrior, and that he had to accept his fate. He also promised to try to remove a voice that Trag was hearing.[1]

The next night Sulamm tried to remove the curse to Trag. Both of them entered into a state of trance but Ornamm, a tauren, went and throw Trag to fire leaving Sulamm in trance. However, the spell of Sulamm was a trap that didn't let Trag awaken. Sulamm's commands were what had to be done, and as he realized Trag was hearing the Lich King's voice, he said he didn't have salvation and should die because he thought that Trag will become an abomination in service of the Lich King.[1]

Trag managed to awake, but the spell was passed on to Sulamm, who will never awaken from it. Trag was going to kill him but stopped, even when the Lich King was telling him to do so, he just left the shaman in the trance.[1]


  • When in trance, Trag saw other bones (depicted as a tauren skull) and wondered if another Forsaken had been deemed unfit by the shaman.[1]