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NeutralSullied Banner
Main leader IconSmall Gnome Female Turi Flickerflame
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
GnomeGnome Gnome
Character classes Mage, Arcanist, Hedge wizard
Base of operations Unknown
  Formerly Theramore Isle
Affiliation Theramore (overtly), Independent
  Formerly Dalaran, Alliance
Status Active

The Sullied Banner is a rogue mage sect led by Turi Flickerflame, a former apprentice of the late Archmage Rhonin, that wanted to create mana bombs on Theramore Isle to protect themselves from their enemies. After the discovery of the Dragon Isles, the blue dragonflight peacefully intervened under the order of Kalecgos to stop their activities.


Turi Flickerflame and Prototype Mana Bombs

Turi Flickerflame with prototype mana bombs.

Following the Attack on Theramore Isle, many mages lost their home in the explosion of the mana bomb, and among them, Turi Flickerflame lost her master Rhonin and friend Kinndy Sparkshine. Driven by regret, fear, and anger, Turi created the Sullied Banner to help her fellow mages to find some closure.[1] While they never really planned to hurt anyone and knew that Rhonin never would have wanted any of this, they didn't know what else to do and began their attempts to recreate the very bomb that leveled the city-state years ago. Although they were far from successful, as they just wanted some way to keep themselves safe from their enemies, their prototypes were sufficiently advanced to present risks in the event of accidental detonations.[2][1]

At some point, the blue dragon Surigosa began to investigate the actions of the Sullied Banner and left a message for the blue dragonflight, stating her intention to travel at the Ruins of Theramore to uncover their traces.[3] She was found by Azuregos, and later by Kalecgos and an adventurer who came to settle the situation before a bloody conflict could start.[4] In the ruins, the rogue mages could be seen clearing the rubbles, putting down the fires, and empowering their prototype mana bombs.

On the orders of the Aspect of Magic, who refused to make the same mistakes as his predecessor Malygos, the adventurer was sent to capture the rogues mages and teleport the prototypes to safety, rather than letting Surigosa kill everyone. The latter and Azuregos disapproved of their leader's decision, whom they considered too merciful with the rogue mages, but agreed not to intervene when he explained that these mortals sought to defend themselves out of fear rather than to do evil.[5][2] When most of them were captured, the adventurer was sent to confront and capture alive Turi Flickerflame.[6]

Once the situation was defused, and after they heard the testimonies of Turi on the reason for their actions, Surigosa ceased her hostility and began to understand why they had come to this. In order to end the cycle of violence, Kalecgos apologized on behalf of his flight for failing to protect the Focusing Iris and Theramore Isle from the Horde. He then asked Turi to stop seeking revenge, and instead to go with him to discuss what she could build for her organization in the future. The gnome accepted the aspect's proposal, and the Sullied Banner left the ruins of Theramore with her.[7]



  • Kalecgos noted how the Sullied Banner flew the banners of Theramore,[2] and in a conversation with the blue Aspect, Turi called Theramore her home.[7]