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For the charger on the Broken Shore, see Thalassian Charger (NPC).
Ability mount charger
  • Summon Thalassian Charger
  • Paladin ability
  • 1.5 sec cast
  • Summons a Thalassian Charger, which serves as a mount.
The mighty charger serves as the steed for all those who serve the Light.[1]
Thalassian Charger

Thalassian Charger

Charger TCG

The Alliance and Horde charger in the TCG

Summon Thalassian Charger is an epic mount used by blood elf paladins at level 17 with the Apprentice Riding skill and the Spell nature swiftness [Summon Thalassian Warhorse] ability.

Mount Journal[]

Basking in the power of M'uru has strengthened its will.

Differences between Alliance and Horde[]

Humans receive a charger with blue livery and gold-plated armor, and exudes a golden aura. However, the blood elf charger has red livery, with what appears to be brass armor and a red aura.

Charger quests[]

Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.1.
Main article: Paladin quests#Level 60 True Masters of the Light (Summon Charger, Blood Knight Tabard)Horde

Originally, the Charger mount required the completion of an epic quest chain in order to obtain the rank of Master in the Blood Knights. In patch 2.4.0 the mount was added to class trainers; the quest chain remained available for those who still wanted to complete it until patch 4.0.1, when it was removed entirely.


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