Summoner Mepjila

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MobSummoner Mepjila
Image of Summoner Mepjila
Title <The Tide Sorceress>
Gender Female
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 35-50
Class Sea witch, Sorceress, Summoner
Reaction Horde
Occupation Champion of Azshara
Location Terrace of the Fang, Vol'dun[60.6, 13.2]
Status Killable
Companion(s) Greater Tide Elemental (minion)

Summoner Mepjila was a naga sea witch,[1] a champion of Queen Azshara,[2] and the leader of an army of naga invaders that attacked the temple of the loa Eraka no Kimbul in Vol'dun centuries ago.[1][3] Kimbul's followers fought bravely, but the loa arrived too late to save them from death. He easily defeated the naga army, but just as his fangs pierced Mepjila's heart, she cursed the spirits of the loa's followers to unending torment, locking them in an eternal battle they could never win.[1][3] Kimbul took a powerful artifact known as the Ring of Tides as his trophy from the battle.[2]

Hundreds of years later, the Tortaka tribe of tortollans became threatened by the Stormcoil naga and sought refuge with Kimbul.[3] However, before he could accept new followers, the loa sent an adventurer into the spirit realm to free the captive souls of his ancient followers by slaying Mepjila's spirit and breaking her curse. The adventurer succeeded, and Kimbul's ancient followers found peace.[1]



You will never destroy my curse!
My power... my curse... it cannot be...

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