Suncrown Village (quest)

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HordeSuncrown Village
Start Arcanist Vandril[46, 28]
End Arcanist Vandril[46, 28]
Level 10 (Requires 9)
Category Ghostlands
Experience 850
Reputation +1,000 Tranquillien
Rewards 3s 50c
Previous H [10] Return to Arcanist Vandril
Next H [11] Goldenmist Village

Suncrown Village is part of the The Forsaken quest chain.


Slay 10 Nerubis Guards and then return to Arcanist Vandril at Tranquillien in the Ghostlands.


We're surrounded here, <class>. The outlying villages have all been overrun by the Scourge!

You must head northeast to Suncrown Village immediately and deal with the nerubian Scourge menace. You can't miss them - they're spider-like creatures.

There's no time to waste.... Quel'Thalas must be reclaimed!


You will receive:


With your aid we'll get the Scourge problem contained, <class>. Dar'Khan will be dealt with!

Have you handled the nerubian problem at Suncrown Village yet?


Outstanding! But, there's much to be done before the Scourge menace is completely driven from mighty Quel'Thalas!

Here, take this coin... it's not much, but you've earned it.


You might want to complete H [11G] Anok'suten while you complete this quest.


  1. H [10] The Forsaken or H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [10] The Forsaken
  2. H [10] Return to Arcanist Vandril
  3. H [10] Suncrown Village
    • Side quest received near Suncrown Village: H [11G] Anok'suten
  4. H [11] Goldenmist Village
  5. H [14] Windrunner Village

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