Sunken Dig Site.

The Sunken Dig Site, was an Explorers' League dig site named Rustmaul Dig Site, that was abandoned and has since been flooded when Shattering caused the flooding of Thousand Needles. [70, 86]

After the shattering, the land Silithid burrowed underground while the wasps flew towards the sky to prevent being destroyed by the flood. Thought to have been abandoned, Brivelthwerp, seeking to expand his own ice cream empire sought to use the underwater cavern as a refrigeration chamber for his products. Soon after installing refrigeration pipes several Silithid creatures burst from the cavern and killed all of his employees that were underwater. Brivelthwerp having survived the attack now awaits help aboard his boat on the surface, before all of his ice cream melts.


  • During the beta, the area was named Rustmaul Dive Site.

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