Sunreaver Citizen

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HordeSunreaver Citizen
Image of Sunreaver Citizen
Gender Both
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 90
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Sunreavers
Occupation Commoner
Location Dalaran; Silvermoon City

Sunreaver Citizens are members of the Kirin Tor's blood elven wing, the Sunreavers. They can be found in the Underbelly during the Purge of Dalaran.

They also appear above ground and in the Circle of Wills.

Objective of



  • There I was, minding my own business, enjoying a nice game of cards when these Silver Covenant... slugs came around telling us to hand over our belongings. What gives?
  • They say Lady Proudmoore wanted us out. I... I do not understand.
  • Have the Silver Covenant lost their mind? Surely the Kirin Tor won't stand for this!
  • What is all this nonsense about a "purge"?
  • Can you believe this? These Silver Covenant goons are trying to shake us down.
  • I heard shouting through the pipes - what's happening?

Leaving Dalaran

  • Sunreaver Citizen says: How could this happen?
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: I will go. Shorel'aran.
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: As long as you've got my back...
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: This is an outrage! Aethas will hear about this!
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: I guess I can head back to Silvermoon...
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Thank you for the warning. Be safe.
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Fine, but I'm taking this straight to the Archmage.
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: I think it may be time to bring my swords out of retirement...
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Don't have to tell me twice - I've got debts in this city I'd like to leave behind.
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Well, if you say so.
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Can the Kirin Tor really kick us out like this?
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Leave Dalaran? Where will I even go...
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: They'll pay for this.
  • Sunreaver Citizen says: Sure. I was getting tired of this sewer anyway.

When the citizens are freed, nearby Silver Covenant agents will say the following:

  • Silver Covenant Agent says: You want some, too? Very well!
  • Silver Covenant Agent says: Very sweet of you - now DIE!!
  • Silver Covenant Agent says: The Sunreavers are scum!
  • Silver Covenant Agent says: What do you think you're doing?!
  • Silver Covenant Agent says: Silence!
  • Silver Covenant Agent says: Stop right there!
  • Silver Covenant Agent says: Stay out of this!


  • If observed, the citizens will sit, stand or cower before their captors. They will occasionally be spoken to, shouted at, or struck by a Silver Covenant agent's weapon.

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