Sunreaver Magus

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For the NPCs that appear in the Siege of Orgrimmar, see Sunreaver Magus (Siege of Orgrimmar).
HordeSunreaver Magus
Image of Sunreaver Magus
Gender Both
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 35
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sunreaver Onslaught
Location Wildvine Marsh, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable

Sunreaver Magi are level 90 blood elves found on the Isle of Thunder. They appear in various stages of the isle, and in various locations, among them Dawnseeker Promontory and its surrounding terrain, and aboard the triad of blood elven destroyers.

In the early stages of the promontory's construction, they have some amusing gossip text and dialogue, with some throwbacks to the blood elves' predicaments during the The Burning Crusade era.


Sunreaver Magus says: Do the instructions clarify how much mana these crystals will require? I do not want to get converted to a Wretched by using this thing.
Sunreaver Magus says: Why is it everywhere on this island I go my hair always feels like it is standing on end?
Sunreaver Magus says: It is days like this I miss using fel magic. Sure, it was evil, but it got the job done.
Sunreaver Magus says: Someone told me these crystals are blue in their natural state. I am so glad someone took the time to apply some proper aesthetics.
Sunreaver Magus says: Are these going to be enough to take out those pterrorwings?
Sunreaver Magus says: I think the crystal on the left is defective. We should never have rushed their construction. This is how accidents happen.
Sunreaver Magus says: In theory, these crystals are natural insulators. They should absorb most of the lightning strikes in the area.

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