Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a small urban park located on the Moonbeam Causeway in the nightborne city of Suramar.[52, 59] Specifically, the park can be found just outside the western entrance of the Court of Stars and Noble district, near the very heart of the city. The patio mainly consists of a small seating area around a fountain with some surrounding trees and a small quay. The park also acts as a kind of crossroads, connecting the Court of Stars in the east with the Terrace of Enlightenment and Menagerie in the west and north respectively.

With the arrival of the Burning Legion in Suramar City and the outbreak of the Nightfallen rebellion, the park is heavily patrolled by demons, namely observant inquisitors and felguard oppressors.


  • The actual subzone is a small patio around the edge of the Court of Stars near Moonbeam Causeway. The park-like area near this spot is labeled as part of the causeway.