Sunsong Ranch.

Sunsong Ranch is a farmstead found in western Halfhill, in central Valley of the Four Winds. Inherited by Farmer Yoon, helping him out will give the player access to his farm and a place to grow their own cooking ingredients via phasing.


Farmer Yoon provides all the quests in Sunsong Ranch, and they're all related to the farming mechanic introduced in Mists of Pandaria.

Starting the first quest chain, players are generally at neutral rep with The Tillers. By the last quest in the intro chain, they should finish at friendly standing.

Sunsong Ranch - Friendly with Tillers.

  1. N [15-35] A Helping Hand
  2. N [15-35] Learn and Grow I: Seeds
  3. N [15-35] Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting
  4. N [15-35] Learn and Grow III: Tending Crops
  5. N [15-35] Learn and Grow IV: Harvesting
  6. N [15-35] Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market
    • Dailies now available
  7. N [15-35] Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote

After Harvesting, the first four plots of soil are made available.


Sunsong Ranch - Honored with Tillers.

Once hitting Honored, Farmer Yoon will offer:

  1. N [15-35] Growing the Farm I: The Weeds
  2. N [15-35] Growing the Farm I: A Little Problem
  3. N [15-35] The "Jinyu Princess" Irrigation System

The short quest chain opens up the next four plots of soil, bringing the total up to eight.


Sunsong Ranch - Revered with Tillers.

Once hitting Revered, Farmer Yoon will offer:

  1. N [15-35] Growing the Farm II: The Broken Wagon
  2. N [15-35] Growing the Farm II: Knock on Wood
  3. N [15-35] "Thunder King" Pest Repellers

The short quest chain opens up the next four pots of soil, bringing the total up to twelve.

Just before Exalted, Farmer Yoon will offer

Completion of this chain will result in exalted reputation.


Sunsong Ranch - Thunder charging to destroy the boulder.

Once hitting Exalted (and completion of N [15-35] Haohan's Vote V: Chief Yip-Yip), Farmer Yoon will offer:

On completion of the above quest, Thunder will appear on your farm with Haohan Mudclaw, and will charge and hit the boulder for 15 minutes. A 15 minute buff will appear, after which point, Thunder will leave the main portion of the farm, and it will be upgraded to a 4x4 plot.

2 additional quests open while waiting on the farm expansion

Once you are exalted and have unlocked all 16 plots, Nana Mudclaw will offer N [15-35] Inherit the Earth, allowing you to take ownership of the ranch.

The fully upgraded ranch.


Purchase seeds or seed bags from Merchant Greenfield in Halfhill Market, or they can be randomly found while harvesting crops.

Merchant Greenfield
<Seed Vendor>
Item Cost Result
 [Green Cabbage Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Green Cabbage]
 [Jade Squash Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Jade Squash]
 [Juicycrunch Carrot Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Juicycrunch Carrot]
 [Mogu Pumpkin Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Mogu Pumpkin]
 [Pink Turnip Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Pink Turnip]
 [Red Blossom Leek Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Red Blossom Leek]
 [Scallion Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Scallions]
 [Striped Melon Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Striped Melon]
 [White Turnip Seeds] 15s 5-10  [White Turnip]
 [Witchberry Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Witchberries]
 [Autumn Blossom Sapling] 10s  [Autumn Blossom Tree]
 [Spring Blossom Sapling] 10s  [Spring Blossom Tree]
 [Winter Blossom Sapling] 10s  [Winter Blossom Tree]
 [Enigma Seed] 1g Random Pandaria herb
 [Magebulb Seed] 1g 1-3  [Spirit Dust] and 0-1  [Mysterious Essence]
 [Raptorleaf Seed] 1g 3-4  [Exotic Leather]
 [Snakeroot Seed] 1g 1 Trillium Ore and 0-2  [Ghost Iron Ore]
 [Windshear Cactus Seed] 1g 3-8  [Windwool Cloth] and 0-1  [Bolt of Windwool Cloth]
 [Songbell Seed] 1g  [Mote of Harmony]
 [Bag of Green Cabbage Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Green Cabbage]
 [Bag of Juicycrunch Carrot Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Juicycrunch Carrot]
 [Bag of Scallion Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Scallions]
 [Bag of Mogu Pumpkin Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Mogu Pumpkin]
 [Bag of Red Blossom Leek Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Red Blossom Leek]
 [Bag of Pink Turnip Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Pink Turnip]
 [Bag of White Turnip Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [White Turnip]
 [Bag of Witchberry Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Witchberries]
 [Bag of Jade Squash Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Jade Squash]
 [Bag of Striped Melon Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Striped Melon]
 [Bag of Songbell Seeds] 30g 40x  [Mote of Harmony]
 [Bag of Snakeroot Seeds] 30g 40 Trillium Ore and 0-80  [Ghost Iron Ore]
 [Bag of Enigma Seeds] 30g 40x Random Pandaria herb
 [Bag of Magebulb Seeds] 30g 40-120  [Spirit Dust] and 0-40  [Mysterious Essence]
 [Bag of Windshear Cactus Seeds] 30g 120-320  [Windwool Cloth] and 0-40  [Bolt of Windwool Cloth]
 [Bag of Raptorleaf Seeds] 30g 120-160  [Exotic Leather]
Other Seeds
Item Source Result
 [Ominous Seed] Rare bonus from harvesting crops  [Terrible Turnip]

When planting, it is possible to occasionally have a seed instantly grow and be ready to harvest. These are called Bursting crops.

Handling problems


Wiggling - Voracious Virmen.

Alluring - Swooping Plainshawk.


Wild - Wild crops.


Once planted, crops can be in one of eight states that need to be handled before they can grow unattended. When you ask Farmer Yoon, he will provide the following advice.

Gossip Yoon, I need some farming advice.
Of course!
What seems to be the problem?
Gossip How do I care for Parched crops?
Parched crops just need water!
You can use the old rusty watering can my grandpa left here. I keep it right over there by that tree stump, just next to the field.
Gossip How do I care for Infested crops?
Infested crops are covered in bugs. Yech!
Grandpa's bug sprayer is on the ground near the field - use it to give those critters a blast of what-for!
Gossip How do I care for Wiggling crops?
Wiggling, eh? Well, as Grandpa used to say: carrots don't dance!
Something is trying to pull the veggies right out from under us!
I'm afraid you'll have to kill whatever varmit's down there if you want the crop to have any peace. Heartbreaking, I know, but it's part of the job.
Gossip How do I care for Alluring crops?
Well, sometimes veggies get to sprouting SO beautifully, they practically beg to be pilfered.
Grandpa said a keen plainshawk could spot a prize pumpkin better than anyone at the market, and it'd make for it quicker than a... er....
"Quicker than a hozen in heat."
I guess you could say stuff like that back then?
The point is, you'll just have to defend the alluring crops from critters!
Gossip How do I care for Smothered crops?1
Smothered crops have a weed budging in on them!
You deal with them just like you deal with a stubborn weed in a plot of soil - elbow grease! Grab that sucker and pull for all you're worth. It'll give eventually.
Gossip How do I care for Wild crops?
Wild?! Now that's a surprise! Grandpa used to tell stories about having to wrestle his wild crops into submission.
"Yoonie," he used to say, "don't be afraid to slap your scallions around."
I always thought he was just being gross.
Gossip How do I care for Runty crops?
Runty! Hah! Now that's a term I haven't heard in awhile!
Grandpa used to call me that when I refused to get up and go somewhere. He'd grab the nape of my neck and hoist me up "like a runty turnip" he would say.
These crops just need a helping hand getting vertical. Get a firm grip on them and lift.
Gossip How do I care for Tangled crops?
Tangleweeds, eh? Nasty little devils. They run deep into the ground some fifteen yards or so - you gotta pull the entire length out if you wanna get rid of it.
Grab the exposed end of the weed and just keep moving away until you see the other end come out. Nothin' more to it than that.

Occupied - Squatting Virmen.

Gossip How do I deal with Occupied soil?
Sometimes virmen try to burrow up into the soil plots and live there, hoping vegetables will just rain down on them - I think they figure we just put 'em in the ground whole for some reason.
Squatters, that's what Grandpa called them. You gotta put your foot down. Literally. Stomp the ground and root 'em out!
Gossip How do I deal with Stubborn weeds?
Stubborn weeds!1 They're a constant nuisance, creeping up in the soil and threatening to take over your land.
Before you can till that plot, you need to rip the weed out. There's no trick to it, really - just grab it and pull!
In the words of my grandpa, "you just gotta be more ornery than the weed!"
Gossip My crop is Growing... now what?
Now all you have to do is wait! Most crops are ready the day after they start growing.
Aren't we lucky to have land in such a fruitful valley?
Gossip Can I replace something I've already planted?
Sure can! I left grandpa's shovel out with the rest of the tools.
You can use it to dig up a Growing crop, clearing the land to make room for something else.
Gossip I have another question...


1Stubborn weeds start out weak (with 0 stacks) and immediately start to strengthen their grip, up to 10 stacks. Therefore, it's best to jump on them immediately and start pulling. In this way, a weed can be removed with 1-2 tugs.



There are four possible results when harvesting: Ripe, Seed of the Day, Plump and Bursting.

Ripe will provide the usual five items of whatever regular seed you planted.
Seed of the Day will provide two extra items of whatever regular seed you planted.
Plump will provide eight items of whatever regular seed you planted.
Bursting will provide five items of whatever seed you planted like Ripe, but can be harvested as soon as it is planted.

So if the seed of the day is White Turnips you well get five plus two for everything harvested. This means that if you have a plump white turnip you will actually get eight plus the extra two resulting in ten from just one crop.

Acquiring the Ranch

Once a character has reached exalted status with the Tillers, and unlocked all 16 plots, Nana Mudclaw will offer the quest N [15-35] Inherit the Earth. With this quest, Farmer Yoon will join the Tillers Council and gift the ranch to the player. This results in the following changes to the ranch:

  • Farmer Yoon moves from the ranch to the market.
  • The ranch's house functions as an inn, and contains a Farmer's Journal that you can use to bind your  [Hearthstone].
  • A post stands in Farmer Yoon's former spot, offering quests to gain reputation with certain Mists of Pandaria factions for growing vegetables. (see below)

Work orders

The Work Orders post.

After completing N [15-35] Inherit the Earth and taking ownership of the ranch, a post appears in Farmer Yoon's former spot. It offers work order quests which allow you earn reputation with certain Mists of Pandaria factions by growing and delivering vegetables. You must have unlocked a faction before work orders will be offered for it.

Each quest requires you to plant and harvest 8 seeds of a particular vegetable. Once that quest is completed you will be given a follow-up quest to deliver 40 of that vegetable to a wagon that is waiting near Halfhill Market. You can accept all of the quests at once, but since 8 plots are needed for each one, you can only effectively perform two at a time.

Each work order has two parts. Part I requires planting 8 seeds. Part II requires harvesting crops 8 times and delivering 40 vegetables to the Empty Crate immediately southwest of the plots on the farm, where it's picked up by an NPC. Part II rewards 400 base reputation (before bonuses), 236,000 experience, a [Lesser Charm of Good Fortune], and 19g 84s 50c.

You will not receive credit for harvesting crops for Part II until you have finished Part I.

Work order quests


Earlier iterations of Sunsong Ranch had crop outcomes affected by varying weather conditions and seasons, but this was cut in order to reduce complexity.[1]

Patches and hotfixes

  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Undocumented change:
    • Unplanted soil at Sunsong Ranch are no longer all oriented in the same direction.
      • This change affects growing crops as well.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05):
    • Seed bags have been added, that allow planting of crops 4 plots at a time.
    • Yoon's Mailbox has been renamed to Sunsong Ranch Mailbox.
    • The yield from special crops has been improved to make farming them competitive with gathering these items out in the world.
    • Running the  [Master Plow] across underground Virmen will cause them to pop out of the ground at 30% health and stunned.
    • Wild Crops will now occur less often.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.


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