Upon Kil'jaeden's defeat in the Sunwell Plateau, Prophet Velen and Lady Liadrin will enter the room housing the Sunwell, initiating a scripted epilogue.


M'uru's heart above the Sunwell.

The Sunwell restored by the spark of M'uru.

Enter Prophet Velen.
Prophet Velen says: Mortal heroes, your victory here today was foretold long ago. My brother's anguished cry of defeat will echo across the universe, bringing renewed hope to all those who still stand against the Burning Crusade.
Prophet Velen says: As the Legion's final defeat draws ever-nearer, stand proud in the knowledge that you have saved worlds without number from the flame. Just as this day marks an ending, so too does it herald a new beginning...
Prophet Velen summons a large crystal from the sky. The crystal hovers above the Sunwell.
Prophet Velen says: The creature Entropius, whom you were forced to destroy, was once the noble naaru, M'uru. In life, M'uru channeled vast energies of LIGHT and HOPE. For a time, a misguided few sought to steal those energies...
Enter Lady Liadrin.
Lady Liadrin says: Our arrogance was unpardonable. We damned one of the most noble beings of all. We may never atone for this sin.
Prophet Velen says: Then fortunate it is, that I have reclaimed the noble naaru's spark from where it fell! Where faith dwells, hope is never lost, young blood elf.
Lady Liadrin says: Can it be?
Prophet Velen says: Gaze now, mortals - upon the HEART OF M'URU! Unblemished. Bathed by the light of Creation - just as it was at the Dawn.
The heart of M'uru disintegrates and flows into the Sunwell. The Sunwell reignites in a fount of blinding light.
Prophet Velen says: In time, the light and hope held within - will rebirth more than this mere fount of power... Mayhap, they will rebirth the soul of a nation.
Lady Liadrin says: Blessed ancestors! I feel it... so much love... so much grace... there are... no words... impossible to describe...
Prophet Velen says: Salvation, young one. It waits for us all.
Prophet Velen says: Farewell...