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AllianceSupply Block

Domination Point Supply Cart
Start Mishka [89.7, 32.8]
End Mishka [89.7, 32.8]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Landfall
Experience 236000
Reputation +150 Operation: Shieldwall
Rewards 19g 84s 50c 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes


Destroy 8 Domination Point Supply Carts.

  • Domination Point Supplies destroyed x8


The Horde decided to put goblins in charge of their logistics. And where you have goblins, you have carelessly placed explosives.

Scouts have reported that they have their supplies in carts that also contain Demolisher ammunition. Look at those crates the wrong way, and they'll blow sky high.

With enough Horde resources destroyed, we'll put a time limit on their attack and save lives. So go and take out those carts!


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Blow those carts back to Orgrimmar!


Without those supplies, they won't be able to support bringing more warriors in the fight. If they can't bring in more warriors, we have a great shot at holding out.

For today, at least.



Pick up the other dailies at Lion's Landing before heading out.

Head northwest along the beach to Sparkrocket Outpost. Domination Point Supply Carts have a trivial amount of health compared to standard level 90 mobs. Destroy them and revel in the destruction.


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